Netherlands: Death threats against Homosexuals OK if you’re Muslim

Thanks to the Religion of Peace

Fury as watchdog says it’s OK to send gay people death threats – but only if you’re Muslim

FURIOUS Dutch MPs have demanded an immediate public inquiry after a government-backed watchdog said it was acceptable for Muslims to send gay people death threats.


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A Dutch anti-discrimination hotline has said it is OK for Muslims to threaten gay people

In a shocking move, the taxpayer-funded hotline said it would not pursue a criminal complaint over horrific messages from radical Islamists because the Koran says gay people can be killed.

The disgraceful stance came to light when a member of the public complained about death threats posted to an online forum which called for homosexuals to be “burned, decapitated and slaughtered”.

Dutch MPs today reacted with horror to the revelations, demanding an immediate inquiry into the remarks and calling for the hotline to be stripped of public funding.

According to Dutch media advisors from the anti-discrimination bureau MiND said that, while homophobic abuse was usually a crime, it was justifiable if you were Muslim due to laws on freedom of religious expression.
They argued that the Koran says it is acceptable to kill people for being homosexual, and so death threats towards gay people from Muslims could not be discriminatory.

In a jaw-dropping email explaining why they could not take up the complaint, they wrote: “The remarks must be seen in the context of religious beliefs in Islam, which juridically takes away the insulting character.”

Geert Wilders speaks at his trialDutch politician Geert Wilders in on trial for saying there are too many Moroccans in Holland

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The revelations will further fuel the debate about free speech in the country

They concluded that the remarks were made in “the context of a public debate about how to interpret the Quran” and added that “some Muslims understand from the Quran that gays should be killed”.And they went on: “In the context of religious expression that exists in the Netherlands there is a large degree of freedom of expression. In addition, the expressions are used in the context of the public debate (how to interpret the Koran), which also removes the offending character.”The death threats had been made in the comments section for an article about a Dutch-Moroccan gay society, which had been posted to an online platform for Holland’s large Moroccan community.

The revelation that they were so easily brushed aside by the anti-discrimination hotline will fuel an intense debate in the Netherlands over freedom of expression.Far-right politician Geert Wilders, whose party is expected to win next spring’s general election, is currently on trial for inciting racial hatred after telling a rally there were “too many Moroccans” in the Netherlands.And two right-wing MPs, Joram van Klaveren and Louis Bontes, have now announced their intention to bring up the incident in the Dutch parliament by asking questions of the Justice Minister.

The pair argued that public prosecutors must be permitted to take up cases of homophobic abuse, especially where it concerns threats of violence, no matter who is making the discriminatory remarks.Mr Van Klaveren will ask: “Do you share our disgust at the fact that this explicitly states that inciting violence is not a problem if it comes from the Islamic belief?”A spokesman for the MiND hotline admitted that after “further research” of the issue it had concluded that the complaint had been “unjustly assessed”.

He added that when the complaint involved calling for violence against a particular group, the beliefs of the person making the threats should not matter.


5 thoughts on “Netherlands: Death threats against Homosexuals OK if you’re Muslim”

  1. The fact that they are allowed a pass on hate speech simply because it is in their “holy book” just shows how far all politicians are willing to kowtow to muslims. I suppose next they will be allowed to kill the kuffars because it is in the Koran. Shameful and disgusting. Send them back to where they came from. They have no intention of adapting to the social mores of their new countries, just want to bring their retarded values to same said countries, and force their values upon the native population.

  2. Well if you REALLY, really believe it’s OK to kill gays, then who are we to say our cultural beliefs in peace and civilization are any better than your savage and barbaric beliefs, nor to even think about trying to stop you or to force you to obey our silly “laws!”


  3. And you can blame ALL of that hypocritical, multicultural, and immorally relativistic TREASON on the inherent intrinsic flaw in our Western “education systems:”

    Here’s how the so-called “soft” sciences aka “humanities” (psychology, sociology, and even criminology) really work: They all started off by examining the various symptoms and EFFECTS of human thinking, group behavior, and of criminal free-will CHOICES, respectively, but then self-invalidated by looking for hidden mysterious predestined and predetermined inevitable force “CAUSES” of it all, which degraded them all into only one criminal, excuse-making alibi topic: “victimology!”

    So we get these two, permanently opposed philosophical poles:

    Law-abiding Conservatives: “Criminal behavior is an effect of free-will choice!”

    Criminal libertines: “But what CAUSED that choice? There’s always a cause!”

    Their implication is that there are no crimes nor criminals as we’re all “victims.”

    But as Dracula proved, the real cause was the calculation they could get away with it!

    His 15th Century Wallachia was the only place on earth ever to enjoy a ZERO crime-rate!


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