Pimping Out the Rhinemaidens to the Culture-Enrichers

The following article makes my blood boil to an extent that I find hard to describe. If I were a German man — and I mean a real German man, not one of the swarthy-faced bucks that Angela Merkel keeps trying to pass off as “German” — I’d be dusting off my pitchfork and putting a match to my torch in preparation for a public accounting with the political elite of the Bundesrepublik.

The German government has a serious political and demographic problem. Thanks to its open-borders policy — which it seems to consider mandatory, and permanent — it has enriched itself with more than a million young men of foreign extraction, mostly from the Middle East and Africa. These hot-blooded youths have the same urges as any other males in their age group, but to their misfortune, most were unaccompanied by any young females of their ethnic group.

So the government decided to solve the problem by arranging “get-togethers” between the “New Germans” and girls “who have lived here in Germany for a long time” — that is, young ladies with fair skin and blue eyes who speak German as their native language.

Fresh meat for Mohammedan savages. Never has any government descended to such a level of despicable behavior.

To put it bluntly, the state has decided to pimp out its nubile young women to the migrant men it brought into the country through its collective madness.

Where does this leave young native German men? Are they all gay? Are they expected to find Russian brides on the internet? Or are they considered useless, worthy only of being discarded?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from “killerbee”:

The State as Pimp?

(Caption under the picture in the article [not shown]: The mother of all pimping shows was “Herzblatt”, the Dating Game show.)

The capitalist-fascist BRD [German Federal Republic] regime is at the moment conducting a settlement policy with the goal of reducing the number of Germans within the total population.

There are multiple ways in which they do this:

1. Germans of prime fertile age are being prevented from creating families through two-year contracts, permanent internships, job center shenanigans, etc. 
2. Immigrants are encouraged and supported financially to settle in Germany.
3. Family reunion of immigrant/refugee families.

And now it appears a new variant has been added.

The deciding factor for the multiplication of a population is its women. 

If the CDU/CSU fascists therefore succeed in “hooking up” as many German women as possible with refugees and immigrants, they have taken an important step further.

Because a German woman who is with an immigrant and is bearing his children logistically can’t have children with a German man at the same time. 

Here’s a quote by ‘Frundsberg’, who has taken a closer look at this phenomenon and provides photos and links:

“Today out of pure coincidence I came upon a news article in my city where the school leadership arranged a “come together to get to know each other” with refugees. As I looked at the picture in the article, I noticed something: In the picture there was not one male German student, but only females. The refugees shown were also not of school age anymore. I then started researching on the internet and behold, other schools in Germany had organized similar events as well. Let those pictures really sink in.”

[article then shows the three pictures]

What does any of this have to do with school and teaching? These refugees, all of them, are way past the age for going to school and, oddly, male German students are conspicuously absent.

Is what we see here a sign that minor female German students are being consciously pimped out to refugees?




11 thoughts on “Pimping Out the Rhinemaidens to the Culture-Enrichers”

  1. “These hot-blooded youths have the same urges as any other males in their age group, but to their misfortune, most were unaccompanied by any young females of their ethnic group.”

    To their misfortune ???? It was deliberate and calculated – they planned to set off to seek their fortunes alone (but in groups of 1 million or so.)

    The misfortune is only on the German side

    – for the girls, who if stupid enough to link up with these muslims – will live to regret it before too long..

    -for German males – for obvious reasons.
    -for German society – which will have an increased burden on their social security system as the girls split from their captors after a few years with their swarthy progeny in tow.
    -for the relatives of the girls – concerned (with great justification) for the stupid decisions the girls are almost being coerced to make.

  2. The dream of Adolf Hitler is coming true 70 years later. Not a brown-shirt generation of warrior new germans, but a brown-skinned generation of a mixed race, the new,”superior” race between islamic men and arian-european women. Who would have thought this could become reality after the fall of the III German Empire in 1945?

  3. By the way, I forgot a detail about german men. The best and sane generations of german men were almost extinguished in the two world wars, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. The generations that followed them were taught to become more and more effeminated and a culture of psychological selfcastration of male german was imposed on german culture, to prevent the birth of sane german males, who could cause other conflicts in Europe. This, I presume, was the fear behind the educational system of the German Federal Republic since 1948.

    1. Gert, I fear, all of what you stated was for naught. Especially, if it “was to prevent the birth of sane german males, who could cause other conflicts in Europe. ”

      I worry even more so, that with Angela Merkle a.k a. Erika , ex-Stassi leading Germany to take the fall when the SHTF with the forthcoming Civil War comes to Europe and all is done, when the dust settles.

      Are the French so clever as to maneuver the Germans to take the cover for their machinations of pulling the strings to the EU? Or are both the French and the Germans, both shills for the Neo-socialist/International Globalist. Same dogs.

      Either way, IMHO, Germany will once again be the baddy.

      And everyone on here whose backgrounds are European know that although we say we’ve moved on from are past conflicts with each other, in heated moments the past ALWAYS comes back – no matter how many hundreds of years ago it was.

  4. The Sudanese people – a brown-skinned people of mixed Arab/African blood – were created by incoming Muslim Arabs who killed or enslaved, castrated and dispatched northwards the local men and took their women as wives and concubines.
    Europe is apparently aiming to create a new ethnic population in a similar way, but so much more crafty and “civilised”: mental “castration” of European men and turning their women into foolish sluts who will willingly sleep with the invaders and expect nothing from them.
    The resulting Sudanese people became slaves of Allah. The resulting German mixed-race children I presume will be expected to be slaves of the State.

  5. Oh dear.

    Yeah, sure it’s all smiles now, but it won’t end that way.

    Also, the girls are all outnumbered as well, certainly not good odds in those poor girls favor.

    Sadly, sometimes one can only learn their lessons in a very hard and painful manner.

    Who ever came up with this idea in the German government should identified and portrayed as the pimp master they are.

    1. They started something like this in the Netherlands some 10 years ago. A (socialist) politician had the idea to print a pamphlet advising young Moroccans how to make out with Dutch girls and how to get laid. The dumb twat seriously believed that it would help these Muslim punks to lay off crime and cure their chronic “disenfranchisement”.

      1. What happened to the Moroccans women?

        Do they not want to to make out and get laid by young Moroccan men?

        1. In this case the state becomes complicit in pimping young girls to African-Arab invaders. According to Mohammedan law, these children will be Muslims. The fathers quickly tire of these girls after exploiting them every way they can and once they have residency or citizenship, they marry their cousins from the old country and produce another lot of children, paid for by the taxpayer.

  6. Talk about diluting a race with sh*t genetics.

    Have a look at the genetic retards, look like monkeys that have only recently started walking upright.

    To offer beautiful girls to such undeserving rubbish is a dam shame.

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