Pyramid Bombing Kills Six. Visit Exiting Egypt!

Just a few days ago they bombed a Coptic church, now they’re bombing the tourists, again. The MuBros may be down, but far from out. Visit exiting Egypt before its gone!

Back in June, the Islamic State threatened to destroy the Pyramids. And in July 2015, the Islamic State’s caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said that destroying the monuments was a “religious duty.”



AT LEAST six people have been killed in a bomb attack on a road leading to the Great Pyramid of Giza – a tourist attraction popular with British holidaymakers.

The explosion appeared to have come from a rubbish bin in Cairo along a route used to access the entrance to the world heritage site, which lies in a western suburb of the capital.

Giza, one of the the seven wonders of the world and the only one to remain largely intact, welcomes thousands of British tourists every year.

However the dead are said to all be policemen and adminstrative officers working close to the landmark.

There have been no confirmed foreign casualties although four civilians were also injured.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack in Al Haram street – a main thoroughfare between central Cairo and the pyramids.

The attack, close to a government building in a middle class neighbourhood, was the latest in a series of security incidents in Egypt often claimed by radical Islamists.

Security forces killed three gunmen on Tuesday in a raid on a hideout in southern Egypt used by what they described as an armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.