Reactions to Kerry’s Knife in Israel’s Back

Twitter lit up with reactions to Hanoi John Kerry’s appalling speech denouncing Israel and blaming our ally for the terror war being waged against it.

A few samples from the collection at The Blaze:

Note to John Kerry: you cannot “occupy” your own land.

Kerry can’t provide a simple answer to one question: your solution to all of this is to establish a terror state?

When is John Kerry taking James Taylor to Jerusalem to sing “You’ve Got A Friend?”

If you would side with a genocidal communist regime against your own country as Hanoi John Kerry did during the Vietnam War, why wouldn’t you side with terrorists against one of your country’s closest allies? Hanoi John has followed up Obama’s disgraceful knife in Israel’s backwith another of his own. In a speech yesterday, he made it crystal clear that the current administration aggressively sides with Hamas and Fatah terrorists in their war of annihilation against Israel. Ben Shapiro lists 10 of the worst lies and lies by omission from the appalling speech:

1. Equating Jewish Settlements and Palestinian Terrorism.
2. “If The Choice Is One State, Israel Can Either Be Jewish Or Democratic. It Cannot Be Both.”
3. Peace Will Only Be Realized With a Palestinian Terror State.
4. “No American Administration Has Done More For The Security of Israel Than Barack Obama’s.”
5. Israeli Intransigence Is The Problem.
6. Settlements Are Illegal.
7. Equating Palestinian Government With Israeli Government.
8. Israel As Purported Burden To The United States.
9. The UN Resolution Changed Nothing.
10. The Obama Administration’s Maneuvers Help Peace.

Click through for explanations.

If the terrorists Obama, Kerry, et al. love so much ever laid down their weapons, there would be peace. If Israeli Jews laid down their weapons, it would be Holocaust 2.0. Yet our “leaders” side with the bad guys.

Negotiations are a farce. Israel’s terrorist enemies will not rest until the Jewish state has been wiped off the map. They will take every inch of hard-won Israeli territory they are given, but they will never give anything back except violence.

Lowlights, via Right Scoop.

Why can’t this plastic surgery disaster keep his tongue inside his mouth?

Ralph Peters: These 6 words describe Obama’s Mideast policy

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Huckabee blasts Kerry’s speech: ‘Betrayal’ to Israel

2 thoughts on “Reactions to Kerry’s Knife in Israel’s Back”

  1. I do not agree with Ralph Peters about settlements and “hacking”
    The settlements are a bogus issue. Israelies have every right to build and live on the soverign territory of Israel! The bitter bitching & caturwauling about settlements is beyond obnoxious.
    Those territories belonged to Israel when independence was declared and were taken illegally by Egypt and Jordan. There is nothing immoral, illegal or fatening about Israel’s recovery of them when attacked again in ’67.

    Unless you have the original phishing email sent to Podesta and did a throrough reverse dns on the source, following up with the originating isp, you will not know who stole his password. Unless you have the server’s log file for the days on which the attacks occurred and trace every hop skip and jump, through anonymous proxy servers, you have no clue who hacked his emails. Likewise the DNC server.

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