“The media amplifies the misconception that Muslims and their faith are incompatible with life in Britain”

No shiite. Its not the Muselmaniacs that blow up buses & subways, plot jihad and rape white British girls by the tens of thousands. its not the Muslim ghettos,  the sprawling mosques, the burqas, the kaftans and the beards, Its the dhimmi media, that doesn’t dare to report the truth because of catcalls of ‘racism’ and fear of litigation jihad?


The Muslims criticised in Dame Louise Casey’s report are not happy at the criticism. From the Guardian the Independent Middle East Eye and the BBC

The study, commissioned by David Cameron as prime minister and carried out by Dame Louise Casey, recommends a new strategy to help bridge divides in the UK, including an “integration oath” to encourage immigrants to embrace British values, and greater focus on promoting the English language and securing “women’s emancipation in communities where they are being held back by regressive cultural practices”.

Dame Louise Casey said she strongly opposed forcing people by law to remove veils, but explained that public bodies needed a “common sense” approach and that people and organisations should be able to debate the issue openly…said she would rather Muslim police officers and midwives did not wear a face veil, “Do I think that police officers or midwives, should be fully veiled? No I don’t. I want to see their faces, most of us do, [but] the very fact that we can almost not have that conversation, is part of what I’m saying here.”

Her report highlighted the plight of women in some Muslim communities, who she said were less likely to speak English and more likely to be kept at home. “Misogyny and patriarchy has to come to an end,” Dame Louise said, adding that public institutions must not fear being racist or Islamophobic.


Critics said its focus on Muslim communities ignored other issues such as equality and racism, and was potentially damaging to community relations.

Harun Khan, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said “any initiative that facilitates better integration of all Britons” should be welcomed. But he said the Casey report was a missed opportunity…

He said the MCB in its submissions to the Casey report had pointed out that Muslims had to endure “a media echo chamber which amplifies the misconception that Muslims and their faith are incompatible with life in Britain”.

“We dispute these notions,” he said. “It assumes that Muslims are not equal, and not civilised enough to be part and parcel of British society. It leads to discrimination against Muslims, alienation amongst Muslims where the national conversation dictates that they are not part and parcel of society, and, at worst, violent attacks against Muslims.”

Rita Chada, of the refugee and migrant charity Ramfel, described the report as a “hotchpotch” that had set refugees and migrants back 20 years.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, said it was an “inflammatory” and “divisive” report, that deliberately targeted one community over others.  “Sadly in today’s Britain, Muslims are seen as an easy target to attack by politicians, commentators and parts of the media without any regard for the impact this has on communities. There was no mention about the responsibility of the white community to help with integration, as many white families flee mixed areas as ethnic minorities move into a particular area,” Shafiq said in a statement. “We are saddened that once again British Muslims have become a political football which is bashed from time to time without any regard for the impact this has on individuals who then are subjected to threats and violence,”


This is typical Muslim BS: when an infidel puts them on the stand, they lie and deny everything and throw the ball right back in their court.  Mohammed Shafiq should be told that reality cannot be “inflammatory” and “divisive”, because Mohammedanism inflames the minds of Muslims and allah divided the world in believers and disbelievers 1400 years ago, so there’s nothing we can do about it.

Ukip’s immigration spokesman, John Bickley, welcomed what he described as a “damning” report. “It pulls no punches and is an excoriating critique of the Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrat parties’ support of mass immigration, multiculturalism and political correctness,” he said. “For years Ukip has been the only political party willing to point out the failings of mass uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism … The main parties have singularly failed to address the impact of uncontrolled immigration on mainly working-class communities, and the British people have had enough.”

In a brief statement Sajid Javid, the communities secretary, responded on behalf of the government, describing the report as a “valuable contribution”

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