Turncoat chickens out, again

Turncoat proves once again that he’s a wuss and a pandering dolt, unfit for any leadership role.

Turnbull slaps down calls for burka ban in Australia
Women wearing the niqab visit the Senate in The Hague. Dutch lower house MPs on November 29 approved a ban on wearing the burqa in some public places.

Malcolm Turnbull has slapped down calls for a burka ban in Australia as One Nation leader Pauline Hanson prepares to use the new parliamentary year to push for the controversial move.

WTF is “controversial” about the freedom sack?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has thrown her support behind a ban on full-face veils in her country “wherever that is legally possible” as European nations grapple with large numbers of refugees.

There is falsehood in every sentence here.  The burqa is not “controversial”, it is an affront to our values and our laws. And Europeans  do not “grapple with large numbers of refugees”, they have been invaded by hostile, militant Mohammedans.

While Senator Hanson used the stance taken by Ms Merkel — made at the Christian Democratic Union’s conference — to repeat her party’s policy to ban the burka and niqab in public spaces, the Prime Minister said it was not something his government would “support or propose”.

Merkel faces an election. After importing millions of unassimilable savages, she tries damage control which she doesn’t intent to implement once reelected.  Hanson doesn’t follow Merkel, she represents her electorate.

“Obviously what you’re seeing in Europe is the consequences of uncontrolled, irregular migration,” Mr Turnbull told 3AW radio.


“The Europeans regrettably lost control of their borders and when I was at the UN recently talking to a lot of European leaders they all talked about the way this large-scale irregular migration posed a real threat to their societies, to the stability of their democracies. That is why it is vital for us to maintain the security and integrity of our borders.

“We’re a very generous and compassionate nation, we accept a lot of refugees, but the Australian people expect their government and not people-smugglers to decide who comes here.”

I digress, Turncoat had no part in stopping the Islamic invasion of OZ.

In a Facebook post, Senator Hanson, who has a suite of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim policies, noted Germany’s ban “announcement” and said she would also push for it here when parliament resumes in February.

This scribbler makes it sound as if Hanson is doing something reprehensible.

“I honestly don’t see how anyone on either side of the house would disagree with this law coming into effect,” she said.

Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop and Senate president Stephen Parry ditched a plan to segregate visitors to parliament by forcing those with veils to remain behind glass while in the public galleries.

Tony Abbott, then prime minister, said he had contacted Mrs Bishop and asked her to “rethink” the decision amid a backlash.

Abbott is a wuss too.

Veiled visitors have to reveal their faces to security when they arrive at Parliament House but can access the open public galleries.

Except screaming, unhinged leftoids who glue their hands to the rails and prevent the sitting parliament from attending the business of the day.

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  1. What do you expect from a dhimmy, social(ist) climber who in nearly his first act, used your and my tax money to invite muslims to your and my Kirribilli house so that they could stuff their faces with Halal food. Among them, you may remember, a head muslim (Imam?) who thinks that throwing gays off high buildings is Halal.
    Show me your friends and I tell you who you are…or words to that effect. Turncoat should join Hussein Obama and Mother Terrorista Merkel, as they elope to Qatar or Saudie Arabia. They’d make a lovely menage a trois – and later on, Hollande could follow them to make a fullsome foursome…..

  2. The bag of death is not even required in islam – it is a cultural appendage – nothing more.

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