CAIR calls on Obama to issue a pardon for convicted terror financiers

Some news first:

Australia’s ABC/SBS tells us that Fort Lauderdale mass-killer Esteban Santiago was an ‘Iraq veteran with psychological problems’--“gun violence” to blame….

“Brother of airport shooting suspect says U.S. government failed him,” Chicago Tribune, (it looks as if the federal government failed not Estaban Santiago, but the people in the Fort Lauderdale Airport, and the citizens of the United States.)

Massive tanker bomb rips through market in rebel-held Syrian town of Azaz, killing 48 near Turkish border 


Saudis (and other Arab nations)  donated millions to Shrillary in her campaign, they directly tried to influence the election. Why no uproar?

Intel community says Putin tried to influence the election. US may charge him with espionage & impersonating a New York Times editor.

Esteban Santiago was investigated for child-porn – no wonder he had an affinity for ISIS 

Number of charities linked to terrorism soars to record high after trebling in three years, warns watchdog 

In Islam, ‘charity’ means jihad finance.

  • There were 234 allegations of links between charities and terrorism in 2013/14
  • But this figure has now almost trebled and currently stands at 630 
  • Four inquiries were opened last year because of these allegations

Mr Shawcross, the commission’s chairman, warned of the gravity of the threat currently faced by charities.

CAIR Leader Tweets Support of Convicted Terror Financiers

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  1. Fox News Analyst and Clinton Operative, Douglas E. Schoen, Accepted Millions of Dollars to Agitate for War with Russia


    In a remarkable conflict-of-interest, Fox News analyst and former Clinton operative Douglas E. Schoen has failed to disclosed to readers that he’s been paid millions of dollars from Ukrainian agents to incite a war between the United States and Russia. Before inciting war with Russia, Schoen worked for Bill Clinton and brokered meeting (for $40,000 a month) between then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and billionaire oligarchs.

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