Fairfaux Journaille Fails Miserably In Smearjob Against Kirralie Smith of Q-Society

Kirralie has the last laugh – at poor Peter’s expense

Some important fact checking for Marie Claire Magazine. The writer, Peter Munro, uses a fake name, “Robert Hardy”,  to write fake news.


Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph / 

Exactly why Munro works under a pen name for the magazine is unknown, and so far Munro hasn’t offered much by way of explanation. He’s become a figure in hiding, you might say. Enjoy Kirralie’s terrific takedown:

3 thoughts on “Fairfaux Journaille Fails Miserably In Smearjob Against Kirralie Smith of Q-Society”

  1. I just love Kirralie she is an Australian icon and true patriot. She is one of the reasons I joined the Australian liberty Alliance and will be voting for them at every opportunity. And yes the fact that he writes for the SMH is reason enough to give him no credibility at all. So well done Kirralie keep up the good work the average Australian will support you

    1. I absolutely agree, John. I, too, support the ALA and I also abhor the halal certification racket. Perhaps the ALA should get together with One Nation and present a united front at the next election in all states and the nation.

      1. Ah! … Perhaps NO !!!

        She (Pauline) doesn’t need to do much

        In contrast, Hanson did…nothing….again.”

        This week, Hanson was presented the perfect opportunity to say to the Turnbull Government, “If you want my three votes I want the recommendations of the Senate inquiry into Halal Certification to be implemented.”

        Isn’t that why so many of her supporters voted for her?

        The Facebook stunts, Youtube videos and tweets don’t get the job done.
        These tactics are simply shallow exercises in pretence to convey to her supporters she is ‘doing something’, while in reality, doing nothing
        .” [sic]


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