Happy Australia Day!

As can be expected, our detractors are hard at work discrediting the people of Australia for appreciating and celebrating our great great nation,  besmirching and vilifying  our ancestors, who fought and died to make Australia what it is today. Here’s Wally, the Mohammedan agitprop,  with fellow degenerate Scott Stevens, taking a huge dump on everything we hold dear:

Is ‘Australia’ morally justifiable?

Among the global menagerie of patriotic celebrations, Australia Day is one of the most debauched and disturbingly unreflective. What is it about Australia Day that makes it a lightning rod for banality, viscerality and the most inane forms of nationalistic sentiment?

Could it be that the sort of sentiment this day attracts is symptomatic of a malaise at the very heart of the nation – a malaise that stems from the refusal fully to acknowledge the ethical primacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the nation’s life?

The moral promise of so-called ‘immigrant nations’ – like the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – is to sever the connection between ethnicity and full citizenship. And yet that promise is itself predicated on the story of an original severing of the connection between First Peoples and their land, an original act of dispossession.

In order to be morally justifiable, in order to create a place for the First Peoples of this land, in order to be an idea worth celebrating, ‘Australia’ cannot simply designate a success story. Rather, it must come to name the original sin of this nation and the collective guilt of those who continue to profit from that founding act of dispossession.

3 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day!”

  1. If Wally doesn’t like Australia or recognise the benefits and opportunities he enjoys but more importantly are now afforded the ‘First People’ by virtue of the fact that they are now living in the First World – then he should return to the land of his immediate ancestors – islam infested Egypt.

    Does Wally somehow think Australia would remain undiscovered and aboriginals would forever be eating kangaroo, having their internecine wars and living primitive lives devoid of technology?

  2. Wally’s confused if he thinks the Aussies and by and large the West should own up to a collective guilt, said the Muslim imperialist colonizer.

    The irony is rich with this one.

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