…Dee Madigan pushes for an Islam flavoured Australia Day

Larry Pickering

Token Fox News and ABC rabid Leftie, Dee Madigan, is still promoting anything that will upset the majority and give her more air time to flick her apparently seldom-washed hair at the millions who detest her.

While Aboriginal activists can’t decide if they want to dump Australia Day, hijack it or burn our flag, Madigan believes she can revive the failed multicultural myth by promoting hijab-wearing Muslim girls as being typically Australian.

                                                 Returning to a street near you

Okay, these Muslim girls are untypically pretty little things and represent the Muslim community inaccurately well, but this is not a Muslim event and they are far from an example of Aussieness as are the latest Australians of the Year who have debased the original concept of Australia Day.

If you want to be an Aussie of the Year you will need to promote transgender activities or be a tall Aboriginal football player who bullies little Australian girls in front of 80,000 fans.

Beer, pork pies, topless sheilas and barbeques (we have lost the Holden cars somewhere) are not Islamic celebratory items. In fact they are everything that is anathema to Islam, so why is Madigan pushing divisive Islam on to Australians who just want their day to themselves?

We just want to have one day of the year free from white Aborigines and moaning Muslims.

Well, Madigan makes an art form of promoting herself with the help of the despicable David Marr and Julia Gillard, and I must admit she is pretty good at it, but only as long as Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, the ABC and The Guardian On-line are there to give her oxygen.

Once the rabid Left adopts their version of Australia Day it’s over and it’s best that we forget it and confine the celebrations to our own back yards with a few friends. There are always a few Aussie birds determined to flash their tits!

…and as for the hijab wearers, it’s hard to get a woody over flashing them ankles covered in dark blue woollen socks. Mmmm.


  1. Did those two muslim girls get their husbands permission before they had their photos taken, most likely by a non related male?

    1. @The Infidel,:

      They didn’t have to as they were already divorced several months ago. Both the husbands went for something younger. In the second case, it was a goat.

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