The anti-trump Left are the fascists they denounce

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had won the election, and it was Trump supporters taking to their streets to insist she was not a legitimate president.

Imagine Trump supporters cheering when one of their most famous faces told of dreaming of “blowing up the White House”. Wouldn’t the media damn them as “fascists”?

So why go soft on Madonna?

The Left looks increasingly like the fascists they condemn. The intolerance and contempt for democracy is frightening.


Peter’s comment:

Please don’t attack Madonna she is against taking children to rallies , so she left her latest toy boy at home.

2 thoughts on “The anti-trump Left are the fascists they denounce”

  1. The antics of the tantrumming Anti-Trump Left are the best evidence for the fact that the vote for Trump was the correct and only choice for discerning Americans.

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