Tim Blair

Campaign protests against Donald Trump helped get the man elected. The rowdier and more raucous the protests, the more TV cameras turned up to cover the show.

End result: greater coverage of Trump and his message, and reduced coverage for Hillary Clinton.

The protests also revealed the anti-democratic nature of Trump’s foes, which would have worked a treat in securing the support of middle-class Americans.

It has always been so. Leftists like to reminisce over Vietnam War demonstrations, but look who won presidential elections in 1968 and 1972, and by huge margins — Richard Milhous Nixon, whose ’72 success was the second largest in US presidential history.

Outside of dictatorships, protests, marches and demonstrations only promote their targets. An intelligent political movement might have realised this some decades ago. But we’re dealing with the Left here.

If something doesn’t work — taxes to change the weather, for example, or sucking up to extremist Islam, or “humane” refugee policies that kill people — the Left’s impulse is simply to try it again.

So, after protests and celebrity condemnation ushered Trump into the White House, what happened on the weekend? More protests and celebrity condemnation. The 45th president is only a few days into his job, and leftists are already trying to nail down his second term.

A wealthy older woman named Madonna is leading the charge. “Today marks the beginning of our story. The revolution starts here,” the multi-millionaire told a crowd in Washington DC on Saturday. “The fight for the right to be free, to be equal.”

Whatever you say, lady.

Madonna once stormed out of a fancy Jerusalem hotel after demanding two entire floors for herself and her entourage, only to spot a non-Madonna approved guest innocently strolling along a corridor. She’s a true egalitarian.

“Let’s march together through this darkness and with each step let it be known that we are not afraid, that we are not alone,” the 58-year-old continued, notwithstanding her previous commitment to solitude.

“And to those detractors who say this march will add up to nothing, f… you.”

It’ll certainly add up to something. Mostly a consolidation of support for Trump. And with that Madonna launched into a rewritten version of a song briefly ­popular during the first Clinton administration, featuring the new lines “I’m not your bitch”, “Don’t hang your shit on me” and ­“Donald Trump suck a d..k”.

She’s still got it, and no amount of penicillin can help.

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  1. They are a protest without a cause. What are they fighting for? Abortions? Trump isn’t about to end abortion rights. Discrimination? Who is really being discriminated against? White males. Would Islam be her cause? BLM? Transgender rights? It just looks absurd. I think the timing is all wrong.

  2. These cows, the protesters are disgusting phonies.

    Their gripes would hold legitimacy if they came out in the thousands for the children rape victims of Oxford, Rotherham and Bradford. Defenseless little girls who had experienced extreme sexual violence, torture and rape first hand.

    Their sisters in Cologne who were literally encircled by predators; these “sisters” were molested, violated and raped in the thousands for being the wrong nationality in their own country.

    Why are the sisters in the thousands/millions in Sweden so silent? Why are they not protesting in the streets? Where is their rage? Their shame and anger for having the worst and highest rape culture in the Western world?

    Where were these woman in America protesting “Loud and Proud” for the girl who was raped behind a dumpster in California? Where were the “sisters” out in full force against the judge who gave a predatory rapist a mere 6 months as punishment because he did not want his future career ruined? Six. Fucking. Months.

    Where are their protests about the treatment of women in the Middle East? The girl murders in China and India? Rape Vengeance as familial reprisals in Pakistan and Afghanistan?
    The street gang rape cultures Guatamala and India? For the many murders of women in Juárez, Mexico? Hashtag enslavement and rape in Africa?

    Instead, these smug sanctimonious phonies can feel so warm in their righteousness because they challenged and raised their voices against a shadow of misogyny; a boogie man.

    The vast majority of these women, their lives are protected from real violence and real misogyny. They will never know the true horror of gender related violence. When they had the chance to effect real change they stood in cowardly silence and hid behind culture relativism.

  3. These loonies are becoming more and more demented in their viral rage. Perhaps distemper shots are indicated.

    1. Thank you kaw, it is sad world when real violence by muslim men is pointedly ignored in the West for the safety of the specter.

      Shame on all of us.

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