PA top dogs threaten that moving US embassy to Jerusalem “declaration of war on all Muslims”

Leftoids will say ‘lets give them Israel and be done with it’, completely ignoring that giving anything to Mohammedan savages will only wet their appetite. They want war, not for us to give them something, but to annihilate us.

A close aide to #Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas calls Donald J. Trump‘s stated intention to move the #US Embassy to the Israeli capital ‘a declaration of war on #Muslims‘, as another official threatens to call on Arab, Muslim countries to remove embassies from Washington.

Palestinians to Trump: moving embassy to J’lm equals declaration of war

If President-elect Trump moves the US embassy to Jerusalem, this move will be a direct rebuke to “Palestinian” efforts to rewrite history and claim that the Jews have no historical connection to Jerusalem. The “Palestinians” and their allies are already portraying this as a grievous affront, and pusillanimous Western leaders such as John Kerry are echoing their claims, apparently in the belief that if they tiptoe around the thug and appease him, peace will ensue. In reality, however, refraining from acting for fear of how Muslims might react only emboldens the supremacists to make more demands. If Trump accedes to these threats and cancels the embassy move to Jerusalem, all he will get for his trouble will be more threats.

“PA religious leaders threaten religious war over Jerusalem,” by Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch, January 8, 2017:

In recent days, PA leaders have repeatedly threatened war and violence in response to the US potential recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by moving its embassy to Jerusalem. As Palestinian Media Watch has documented, Palestinian incitement to violence often accompanies Palestinian terror. Today, a Palestinian terrorist drove a truck into a group of soldiers who had just gotten off a bus in Jerusalem, murdering three women and one man and injuring several.

At least six Palestinian leaders close to Mahmoud Abbas threatened violence recently, some explicitly threatening a religious war.

On Friday, in a sermon in the presence of Mahmoud Abbas himself, Abbas’ advisor on religion Mahmoud Al-Habbash said American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by moving the embassy “is a declaration of war on all Muslims.” Al-Habbash preached that moving the embassy to Jerusalem “harms” Muslim faith, and then threatened: “This will not pass in silence“:

“The new American administration intends to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem. In a simple, calm, and rational manner, in clear words that need no explanation and which are unambiguous: Such a step, for every Muslim, is a declaration of war on all Muslims. It’s a declaration of war on all Muslims… when something harms our faith and our existence, we cannot stand by and do nothing. We will not agree to this under any circumstances. This will not pass in silence.”

Al-Habbash turned Jerusalem into the basis for an uncompromising Palestinian Islamic war by stressing that the PA sees Jerusalem remaining exclusively Muslim as a religious Islamic imperative about which Muslims will not compromise:

“In politics there can be compromises here and there… In politics there can be negotiation. However, in matters of religion, faith, values, ethics, and history, there can be no compromises. Therefore, it isn’t possible to compromise on or negotiate over Jerusalem.”

Another senior religious leader, the head of the Supreme Muslim Council and head preacher at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Ikrima Sabri likewise threatened war:

“What this means is that America recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews, and in doing so America will declare a new war against the Palestinians and also against the Arabs and the Muslims.”

[Al-Msjed Al-Aqsa YouTube channel, Dec. 16, 2016]

Secretary-General of the PLO Executive Committee Saeb Erekat warned that moving the embassy would lead to a regional war:

“I turn directly to David Friedman and Trump – if you transfer the embassy and agree to the annexation of the settlements in the West Bank, you will drag the region into a state of anarchy, extremism, and lawlessness.”

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 17, 2016]…

Head of the Supreme Muslim Council and head preacher at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Ikrima Sabri: “My sermon will talk about… the promise [by US President-elect Trump] to transfer the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I ask: Why did the American Republican [presidential] candidate promise this during the election campaign? The answer is clear: In order to please the Jews in America and the world at the expense of the right of the original people of Palestine, because transferring the embassy is an acknowledgement that Jerusalem is a capital for the Jews, and an annulment of the right of the Muslims to the city. This promise opposes the so-called international resolutions, which view Jerusalem as an occupied city and not an Israeli city. Worshippers, people of the land of [Prophet Muhammad’s] Night Journey, if we assume that this [will happen], it means is that America recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews, and in doing so America will declare a new war against the Palestinians and also against the Arabs and the Muslims, because Jerusalem is the place of Muhammad’s Night Journey, and the place of his Ascent to Heaven. It is a gate between Heaven and earth. It is connected to Mecca and Medina, and Jesus, peace be upon him, lived in it. We say to those who run after America so that it will solve their problems – we say to them that this is the true face of America. It is not thinking of how to achieve peace for you at all. America equipped Israel with advanced fighter jets a few days ago. America has ignited wars in most of the countries of the Arab and Muslim world, and these wars continue to burn.”
[Sermon by Head of the Supreme Muslim Council Sheikh Ikrima Sabri
 at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Al-Msjed Al-Aqsa YouTube channel, Dec. 16, 2016]


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  1. Let the mozzies make their declaration of global war, instead of hiding behind lawfare.
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