Sweden, France, Britain will be negotiating ‘Land for Peace” anytime now…


Trading land for peace like Israel did, is what Europe is doing now. In the foreseeable future, we can see western nations giving up large parts of their countries  once terror and sharia enforcement begins with greater force.  Video thanks to Vlad Tepes

A decade ago, dopey Australia leftists were bewildered by Mark Steyn’s description of Malmo, Sweden, as a city threatened by Islamic immigration.

Steyn was right then, and he’s right now:

A violent gang of migrants turned a Swedish city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations into a “war zone” and chanted “jihad” as they sent fireworks into the crowds.

Photographer Freddy Mardell was planning on enjoying an evening out on Saturday when the mob launched their rampage in Malmo.

Describing scenes of horror, the Swede said one thug was calling for “jihad” while standing on top of a car in the city centre. 

Mr Mardell told Friatider: “An Arab jumped on the roof of a car and yelled ‘Jihad! Jihad!’ repeatedly.

“Swedish teenagers gathered in a large group to avoid being robbed.”

Continuing, the photographer claimed police, who were out in force as NYE celebrations in the area are known to get out of hand, were too afraid to leave their cars. 

“Malmo is a lost city,” Mr Mardell added as he said even journalists decided to leave out of fear for their own safety. 

One journalist reportedly said: “Staying here isn’t worth it. I’m not risking my life for this.“

After shocking footage of the shocking scenes emerged online, Swedish police admitted Malmo was not safe as they could not stop thugs from sending fireworks into the crowd.

Fireworks, practice bombs, no difference.

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  1. “Why can’t you racists just leave the poor muslims alone?!
    They only want a little lebensraum! Nothing wrong with THAT, is there?!”


    But (back here in reality) Hey liberals:
    Giving up territory and surrendering is no way to win wars.

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