Turkish Nightclubbers brought it onto themselves, had it coming…

Video’s thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

ISIL justifies Istanbul massacre ‘for sake of Allah’s religion’

Terrorist appologist Ramzi Al-Kadi caused a stir at the start of a new year by claiming the victims of the new years attack on a Turkey nightclub was due to the fact they had decided to go out to drink and celebrate.

Mohammedan scum calls police “racist” for stopping  Nafri’s from raping infidel German women.

Last year a manhunt for at least 1000 men had started as the women of Germany was raped whilst out celebrating. This year German police had identified measures to combat the threat and Shabbir Hassanally today blasted them as racists. (Even though Islam is not a race)

Not enough “hate-crimes” are being faked, whines Muslim agitprop:

‘There is an atmosphere of fear of intimidation’ – Community leader speaks out about concerns that hate crimes are not being reported

Mr Qureshi said that was not a true reflection of the situation and said it would only get worse, especially for Muslims, in the wake of terrorism incidents such as the Berlin truck attack. …

Abdul Hamid Qureshi.Abdul Hamid Qureshi.

“Under-reporting is a major issue in relation to all hate crime. Research has established that much higher levels of hate crime take place than are currently reported. By reporting hate crime when it happens, you can help stop it happening to someone else.”

Al-Azhar to set up centre to teach Arabic, true Islam in S. Korea

Al Azhar is (also) willing to build up a (da’awa) center in South Korea to teach the Arabic language and true Islam that brings stability and spreads love and peace among people. …

Fibbi rubs it

Muslims are like Jews under the Nazis, like commies under McCarthy, like Japanese after Pearl Harbour etc etc. Nothing we haven’t heard before.

UN Human Rights Council Welcomes Soddy Barbaria 

The Saudi version of “fair gender equality.” (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool)

You’ll never believe which states joined the United Nations Human Rights Council. Or, well, if you know anything about the UN, perhaps you will believe it:

It reads like a who’s who of human rights abusers. Nowadays, however, these regimes — which routinely oppress women, and jail, torture, and even kill critics — are somehow deemed to be the protectors of our universal human rights. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so incredibly sad.

But wait, the UNHCR says, don’t criticize Saudi Arabia! According to Sharia they have “fair gender equality”!