Who are the “right-wing anti-migrant demonstrators?”

Pathetic reporting from the ‘EXPRESS by VICKIIE OLIPHANT, who insists that everyone opposing Islamisation is a ” right-wing anti-migrant demonstrator”.

‘No forgiveness, no forgetting’ Thousands to attend huge anti-migrant protest in Cologne

THOUSANDS of protesters will take to the streets of Cologne this weekend in a mammoth clash between right-wing anti-migrant demonstrators and their opposition.

The mass protests comes one year after 1,310 individuals said they were victims of crime in Cologne city centre on New Year Eve’s – with 662 claiming they had been sexually assaulted and 28 saying they had been raped.

Police reported men of “Arab or North African” appearance had ganged up and surrounded women on the streets as 2016 began, harassing and in some cases attacking them.

Police at protests in CologneMore than 1,000 people say they were victims of the Cologne attacks

Some victims were even   Many victims were robbed during the horrific night as chaos ensued across the country.

Now German police will face another work-intensive weekend as thousands plan to take to the streets against the attacks – and against the country’s controversial immigration policy.

Cologne central station

The sex attacks took place as German saw in 2016 on New Years Eve

This years new year celebrationsThousands attended this year’s celebration under heightened security

Right-wing activist Ester Seitz announced around 400 people will attend a demonstration near the central station this Saturday.

Called “One year after Cologne’s New Year’s Eve pogrom – no forgiveness, no forgetting”, the demo aims to hit out at Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door immigration policy – which has seen more than a million refugees flood the borders as Europe struggles to deal woth the migrant crisis.

Participants will walk through the city centre with several separate rallies planned between 2pm to 7pm, as the procession moves from the Dompropst-Ketzer street to the Neumarkt and back.

In other news:

SWEDEN – Thousands of refugees go on vacation in their ‘very dangerous’ homelands for fun.

Now the police will begin to tell the Migration Board about instances where protection reasons and residence permit may be reconsidered, reports TV 4 News Malmö.

Often six fully booked planes a week fly to Iraq from Malmö Airport. Among the passengers are Iraqis who have been granted residence permits in Sweden because they risk being imprisoned, tortured or killed in their home country. Yet, these people travel to Iraq and sometimes spend months there, according to the television channel.