Will tougher citizenship tests keep us safe from Islamic jihad?

Peter Dutton calls for tougher citizenship test in Australia

This is wrong in every way: the focus must be on the belief-system of the potential immigrants. If these immigrants belongs to a group of people who come here with a mental baggage that  prohibits them to become productive members of society, then these migrant are undesirable.

This is especially true when it comes to people of the Mohammedan faith. The Mohammedan ideology  divides the world in believers and disbelievers, who must be fought until they submit. These people adhere to a belief system that includes child marriage, FGM, wife-beating, honour killings, polygamy, murder of blasphemers, jihad against kafirs (that’s us) and a genocidal hatred of all other religions. Their ideology includes the criminal system of exploitation and annihilation that comes with Islam’s law, the sharia, which they believe must replace infidel law. We must stop and reverse Islamic immigration. We can deal with all others on our terms. Islamic people will not assimilate, allah forbids it. As long as that is not taken into account, we are fighting windmills like Don Quixote.

A TOUGHER citizenship test could be on the cards for migrants wanting to become Australians. 

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said revamping the test “was a debate worth having” as the federal government looks at measures to prevent terrorists from exploiting migration path ways.

Mr Dutton flagged he wants to see greater focus on people’s ability to integrate into Australian society — an individual’s willingness to learn English, educate their children and employment prospects or potential welfare dependence.

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is open to changing the citizenship test. Picture: AAP

“My view is people who don’t embrace these tangible values shouldn’t expect automatic citizenship,” he told The Australian newspaper.

The citizenship test consists of 20 questions drawn at random from a pool of questions. To pass the test, you must answer 75 per cent, or 15 out of 20 questions, correctly.

This quiz below is a sample of practice questions migrants can do which are listed on the Border Force website.

See how you go. Can you pass the test? 

Mr Dutton said that his personal view was that there was “scope to modernise the ­arrangements”.

He said we need to look at whether we have the right test in place for future migrants coming to Australia.

“The question we face is whether or not we have the right test, the right questions … whether or not people know Don Bradman’s batting average is a true test of whether or not somebody shares an Australian value,” he told 2GB radio.

“The vast majority of people come here and do the right thing… but there is a minority that are on a path way to citizenship who we need to have a closer look at in my judgement,” he told 3AW Radio.

A migrant sitting the citizenship test in Australia. Picture: News Corp Australia

The controversial test was brought in by the Howard government in 2007 and covered Australia’s history, sporting greats, government, geography and traditions.

The Rudd government tweaked the test two years later to cover civic duty and responsibilities.

Topics include the significance of Anzac Day, the role of the governor-general, laws and government, and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

Key senate crossbencher David Leyonhjelm backed the minister’s calls. “Raising the bar on citizenship is the right response to the concern about immigration which is currently circulating in Australia,” Senator Leyonhjelm told AAP.

He believes Australia should look at Switzerland as a potential model where there is a sponsorship program and fellow citizens have to vouch for applicants. He said the citizenship test should cover people’s links to the community, work history and fundamental liberal democratic values such as free speech, equality before the law, rights of women and respect for diversity.

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One thought on “Will tougher citizenship tests keep us safe from Islamic jihad?”

  1. Will tougher citizenship tests keep us safe from Islamic jihad?” [sic]

    The Truth … NO !
    Definitely … NO !
    Absolutely … NOT !

    The only way to keep non-islams (us) safe from jihad ….
    Purge islam … Globally !
    Along with the islams’ dhimmis [ie. the slaves] !
    (the slaves are aka our politicians, politicals and the suicidal self-haters … who are aka as Lefts/Communists)

    jihad-1 = (Forced to Convert to islam) … or
    jihad-2 = (Forced to “willingly” be enslaved)… or
    jihad-3 = (Raped … Pillaged … THEN Murdered) .. the end !!!

    But NOT Necessarily !!!
    (for when self defence is employed/empowered … and when the nonsensical Political Correctness (PC) is STOPPED and Common Sense once again prevails … islam is Purged … “Globally” !!!)

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