All(-ah) your Caribic are belong to us!

A look at Islam in the Caribbean 

All(-ah) your Caribic are belong to us: you can always rely on Muselmaniacs to make the most absurd claims. Whatever it takes, the world belongs to allah and his profit:

…the history of Islam and Muslim peoples in the Caribbean stretches back over one thousand years, pre-dating European contact by over six centuries…Evidence leading to the presence of Muslims in the ancient Americas come from a number of sculptures, oral traditions eye-witness reports, artifacts, and inscriptions.”

There are 31 countries in the Caribbean, divided into four speaking world languages: Dutch, French, English and Spanish speaking islands.Muslims have…– World Bulletin
Latin Americans Muslims: a rapidly growing population 

Spreading, spreading, spreading: Muselmaniacs are obsessed with rapidlyspreading their tentacles all over the western world:

What is the total Muslim population? Are they spreading?
The total population of the continent is approximately 625 million. The total population of Muslims in the continent is estimated to be about 5 million. This estimate includes all those of Arabic background and new converts also. However as a realistic consensus is difficult and when you consider the rapid increase in converts, it is only reasonable to assume that in actual fact these numbers must be higher. In the times to come, it is an expected possibility that Islam will continue to spread amongst the youth.

According to statistics, the number of Muslims in Latin America is over four million, with 700,000 in Argentina and more than 1,500,000 million in Brazil– World Bulletin
6 Andalusian thinkers you need to know 

 Where would we be without Mohammedan tosspots making the most absurd claims? Take this for example:

Ibn Hazm confirmed, 500 years before Galileo did, that the earth is round and proofed it with Quranic verses in his tract. He also served for a time the Ummayad Dynasty in Cordoba as a Prime Minister.

There is no evidence that Ibn Hazm confirmed any such thing. According to the Qur’an, the earth is flat. Even today, Islamic headbangers insist on this.

Andalusian thinkers such as Abbas ibn Firnas contributed to an immense amount of rich history during their era but some of the lesser knows thinkers also…– World Bulletin
‘Rebels?’ WTF? Who would call jihadists “rebels?”
Islamist Rebels Slay Christian Pastor in Central African Republic
Muslim rebels brutally stabbed to death a Christian pastor in the Central African Republic (CAR), then burnt his church to the ground.