Fairfax Fake News: Trump is wrong even when he’s right, & stupid when he’s smart

Fairfax fake news: Trump wrong but right

The blurb starts off the fake news with a claim that Trump is “not lying” but is “just stupid” about Sweden, giving the clear impression he is wrong.

The story headline continues the theme of the blurb – that Trump is telling falsehoods about Sweden and immigrants:

Reporter Nick Miller then throws a shovel of sand in the eyes of the readers, including straw men and beside-the-point statistics, as well as gratuitous insults of Trump of the kind the Left loves.

Trump’s comments were “infamous”, he claims. Swedes were “outraged”. Trump could “embolden racists”. He was “bullheaded”. Later Miller quotes a Swedish deputy mayor who calls Trump “just stupid”.

What an idiot.

So it comes as a surprise to eventually read this admission:

For decades studies have consistently showed the over-representation of immigrants among those sentenced or suspected of crime.

Huh? Like Trump says, then?

And then comes this:

Migrants are over-represented particularly in violent crimes and sexual violence.”There are many reasons,” says Professor Sarnecki. “Lower levels of education, problems with the modern, technological society, maybe even some cultural drawbacks.”

Then this:

The biggest criminological problem we have is gang violence in a few particular suburbs to our biggest cities. There was an increase in shootings – we didn’t have this gun violence at all a few years ago.

“Our level of blatant violence is still much lower than other countries – the US or even Finland, but still much more than we had. These are people who came here as children or the children of immigrants.

Also this:

In December 2015 a police intelligence report identified a link between crime and “areas of social risk”. On their list of “particularly vulnerable areas” was the migrant-heavy suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm – where … this week’s riot “proved” Trump correct.

Also on the list was Rosengard, a majority-immigrant suburb of the city of Malmo on the west coast, just opposite Copenhagen.

Police said such areas were characterised by “parallel structures of society” and “violence-promoting religious extremism”.

Then this:

In Malmo, says Booth, the most striking and urgent problem is actually anti-Semitism.

Because of Mohammedans.

“The Jewish community is being hounded out of the city,” he’s being told.

Hounded out by Mohammedans.

Then this:

The unemployment rate among migrants is more than four times as high as natives.

He does add there is an increase in reports of less serious sexual assaults in the last three years, which is related to immigration. That includes reports of “young [immigrant] newcomers Mohammedans harassing young women”, he says.

So, the numbers don’t exactly lie. There is a nexus between crime and migration in Sweden.

No kidding? Then why is Trump “stupid” to say so?

Or in the Fairfax world, is Trump wrong even when he’s right, and stupid even when he’s smart?

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  1. When are you people going to realize we at CAIR and our Muslim Brotherhood brothers and sisters have been working successfully since the 60’s when the Hathout brothers landed in SoCal to control the media’s tone and tenor on all stories the beautiful governmental system called Islam.

    We win you are the losers and even when we lose we win.

    I tell you this because you American’s don’t have the will stop us just like our Dhimmis in Sweden, Germany, France, and Italy.

    Allahu Akbar

  2. Now we begin to see the real problem with society. Our “fearless” leaders are actually dead set cowards. They refuse to acknowledge that Islam is fundamentally opposed to the western world. They have actively encouraged the “Trojan Horse” of Islam to come into democratic nations. Now that the Muslims are there, the leaders live in fear that they will rise up with the savagery that is the mark of Islam on its own turf. Of course this will only encourage Islam even more. We need leaders who are like Winston Churchill, who could see war would come with Germany and was prepared to fight. World War 3 is underway. We are losing, not by any particular strategy of Islam, but by the unending accommodation by those supposed to protect and defend our way of life.

    1. They are more Saudi-oil-bribed traitors than mere cowards.

      The same six globalist corporations which own ALL the media in the world, are also all owned by the very same globalist banksters.

      Money is no longer on the gold standard, it’s long since been on the OIL standard. That means the Saudis = Rothschilds.

      And they don’t pay their minions, either those in both sides of the political aisle, or the media, to listen to facts; only to tell us lies to deflect us from their treasonous, global takeover.

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