Halal Racketeer El-Mouelhy Declares Victory in Defeat



Halal certifier, Mohamed El-Mouelhy, capitulated yesterday in the face of damning evidence that he has contributed to Islamic “charities” that funnel the money to terrorist groups. El-Mouelhy probably won’t know what capitulation means, so I will spell it out for him… “give in”, “fold”, “go to water”, “concede”, “surrender” and a word he should know intimately… “submit”.

This detestable bloke was suing Kirralie Smith and the Q Society for suggesting on a YouTube post that he might have been involved in contributing money from halal certification receipts to terrorist organisations.

Well, far from “suggesting” he did, and still does, do that, proof positive is available right here on the PP homepage in a root and branch forensic expose of exactly what, how and where he does it.

To put it bluntly, El-Mouelhy has shat himself and no-one is prepared to lend him either a left or right hand.

He has clearly suffered financial loss as a result of Kirralie’s endeavours in a Senate inquiry and he balked at the evidence that was about to explode in court that may have led to charges that, if successful, would see him spend the rest of his miserable life in gaol.

To say he is one of Egypt’s worst exports is an understatement and he clearly believes all Australians are spineless fools. He may well change his opinion after experiencing a battle with the attractive firebrand, Kirralie Smith and her army of supporters.

Fairfax has been in regular contact with El-Mouelhy and its report today was typically biased in favour of halal certification and the greedy one man band of El-Mouelhy. Kirralie refused to comment to the SMH rag.

Well, El-Mouelhy ol’ mate, have another read of the 13 part series here on PP and you will probably shit yourself again. So take me on, you cosmetically challenged oaf. There is no doubt what you are up to and as soon as Turnbull stops dragging his feet and implements the advices of the Senate inquiry, the sooner you can pack your bags and relieve us of your presence in Cairo’s seedy backblocks.

Kirralie appeared effervescent and far from enervated when I spoke to her today. She is happy to have her family back and able to concentrate on far more important things than a low-life like Mohammed El-Mouelhy.

(My words not hers.)


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  1. At least the Q society has gained publicity out of this. Kirralee has political ambitions and this court case will help her. Perhaps the pro Halal mob (most of whom have no idea what it really is) will pull their heads in.

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