Spookey dude: SOROS money is why Canada is being overrun by Muslim invaders

Thanks to BNI:

There’s a reason Canada approved the anti-Islamophobia M-103 directive against criticism of Islam (erroneously called ‘Islamophobia’)…it’s the camel’s nose under the tent…the first step toward making sharia law the law of the land…and it’s being financed by one of the richest, most far left subversives on earth- George Soros.

Here’s another:

There’s no future for Jews in Sweden…
Not looking much better for Christians either…thanks to mass Muslim immigration.

With his “Infidel” t-shirt and cowboy boots, Stefan Ritter defies stereotypes. Muslim immgration will be the death nell for Sweden’s already shrinking Jewish minority population. Re: Ezra’s point that Jews have a “suicide gene” Ritter says Jews “don’t know who their real friends are,” saying that evangelical Christians are one of the few groups who stand up against anti-semitism.

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  1. Incredible what’s happening.

    The Jews are a very interesting people: ethnocentric and intelligent, but also very formed by their history in Europe (which wasn’t nice…).

    The Jews often had strong interests as a ethnicity and as a result of a strong in-group selection for intelligence, the intelligent ones reproduced more successfully. This led to the creation of the Ashkenazi Jewish IQ. As a result of their interest conflicts with the native Europeans, they repeatedly became the target of aggression.

    As a survival mechanism against this, they created intellectual movements within Europe and the West which caused the Left to dominate academia and later politics, education and the media. And that’s where we are right now…. This Soros figure is an example of such a figure. Ethnocentric, moulded by his history and therefore deeply afraid of the West or even for the “white race”.

    Political Correctness (or Cultural Marxism) are what we are stuck with in the current situation, as a result of the Jewish ethnic defence mechanisms. Somewhat contradictory, this leads to a lot of Muslim migration into the West, which is NOT beneficial for the Jews living in the West either. *sigh…*

    Currently, the following steps have taken place in our Western countries.

    1. Indoctrinate the population with a feeling of guilt.

    2. Create an in-group morality based on the idea of making up for this guilt by living up to certain universal morals, such as caring for the entire world, the idea of tolerance; and the idea that every culture is equal (cultural relativism); which will lead to the in-group supporting multiculturalism and mass migration.

    3. The media and academic world must support the in-group morality, creating the illusion that the in-group is very large and therefore powerful.

    4. The media and academia must also demonize, degrade and ridicule the own culture. The own culture and history is seen as “evil”. Other cultures are seen as “exotic”, “interesting”, etc. This goes further than cultural relativism. This is cultural marxism. The own culture is “evil” and “nothing special”, so the way to solve this is by multiculturalism.

    5. Not agreeing with the universal morality of the in-group will leads to social exclusion from the in-group. Those outside of the group are immoral and must be demonized (“nazi”, “hiter”, “racist”, “white supremacist”, etc).

    Once this climate has been established, the trick is to gradually flood the country with mass migration from outside of the Western world. It is the best to do so in a gradual, but constant and consistent manner, so that the new reality becomes “normal”.

    The own country and culture can be destroyed the fastest by importing Muslims, because they carry a very strong negative ideology with them.

    This is how you destroy a culture and it’s currently happening to the West. This is real and this is the process.


  2. As a born again Christian I support Israel 100%. I’ve read the end of the book already. Islam looks like a winner but it will fail big time. So will all its supporters. That does not stop me wanting to warn people about Islam in the meantime. Israel will prevail but it could get a bit rough in the meantime.

    1. Bible prophesy, indicates that the land covenant God made with Abraham as the Promised Land has been partially fulfilled when Israel gained nationhood in 1948.

      But Israel has never possessed the specific boundaries that God promised in Genesis 15:18-20 and Numbers 34:1-12.

      The final chapter in the fulfilment of this prophesy will happen with the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ after the Tribulation.

      At this point in history, Jesus will fulfill the prophecies given to Israel, the promises made to Jesus, the nations, and the whole earth, e.g. as found in Romans 8:18-23.

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