Pickering is a cartoonist. Muslims have a nasty habit of murdering cartoonists. So go ahead and blame him for being “islamophobic”, an imaginary mental condition invented by the MuBros to stifle criticism. I’m sure he’ll wear it with pride. He already had to move house because they’re trying to cut his throat.

Pickering as been gang raped by homosexuals. So you wanna tell me he is “homophobic?” He has every right to say how he feels, no matter how many snowflakes melt or how many watermelon -heads explode.

Here’s Paul Zanetti:

We’re all quick to judge, aren’t we? It’s human nature. If we can condemn someone, without knowing their story, or truly understanding their life experiences we feel morally right, virtuous.

We point the finger, permitting ourselves to feel vindicated by condemning them.

Publicly vilifying someone is today’s social media blood sport. Those who name-call, abuse and accuse feel better about themselves, morally superior, patting themselves on the back, telling themselves how much better they are than others.

Virtue signalling is a real thing.

Pickering, who now admits his comments were "stupid"
Pickering, who now admits his comments were “stupid”

 Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph

Fellow cartoonist Paul Zanetti offers a passionate, yet clear-eyed, defence of Larry Pickering following Pickering’s disgraceful fundraiser comments.

As always, Paul makes many good points. However, I’m still inclined more towards Andrew Bolt’s view. Further from Andrew and the ALA’s Kirralie Smith.

Excerpt from Pickering’s Playboy interview:

So I went and had a shower, which was at the back of the pay office, and that’s when they came and got me. I think there were 14 but there may have been only seven or eight.

Playboy: Did they rape you?

Pickering: Oh yeah. They did me over properly. 

Playboy: What’s been your attitude to homosexuals ever since? 

Pickering: Pretty violent. I think that if I had trouble with people like that today, I would kill them. 

Playboy: Did you try to fight them?

Pickering: Yeah, except that I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know. I just didn’t know. 

(end interview excerpt)

In other news:

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  1. Andrew Bolt is being quite disingenuous when he now tells us that Larry Pickering ‘should be free under the law to say what he did, but I should be likewise free under the law to say it stinks.’ Except that is not what he said earlier. In his earlier column, Bolt said: ‘Well, here is me saying Pickering’s comments were indeed bad, bigoted, racist, xenophobic – and homophobic, too. And that any self-respecting audience should have booed him off the stage.’ In other words, Bolt is telling us that Pickering should have been howled down by the audience, and forced to leave the stage. That is exactly what the Left does: Howls opponents down, denies them the chance to speak, and does everything possible to prevent the opponent expressing a point of view. As one reader commented: ‘I don’t appreciate being told what I should be outraged by and whom I should be shouting down, by Bolt or by leftists.’ Me neither!

  2. Larry Pickering speaks for a good many people. When I was younger, people could and did say what they liked about anyone and anything. Now we are squeezed into a PC straight jacket. The really weird thing is that Islam would cheerfully murder homosexuals, despises dogs and worst of all, forbids eating bacon. Pickering did not call for the death sentence for homos. Why is he singled out and the press deafeningly silent on Islam?

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