Leftist mobs should not dictate who we can hear and meet

Anti-racism protesters clash with Q Society

STORMTROOPERS now rule Melbourne’s streets. On Friday, police even let some attack people trying to meet two conservative politicians.

More than 100 far-Left protesters blocked, abused and shoved people trying to get into a bus to a fundraising dinner with Senator Cory Bernardi and Queensland National George Christensen.

The protesters blockaded the bus in St Kilda and only let it go after 90 minutes. By then it had just 10 or so passengers.

Others trying to get to the dinner, organised by the anti-Islam Q Society, asked police in a nearby car to help them get through the crowd but were refused.

As Sky News reported: “Police were at the scene, but stayed at a distance. That appeared to be a tactical move, so as not to further ignite the protest.”

Pardon? Police were too scared of the protesters to stop them from scaring fellow citizens?

What we’re now seeing — especially in Victoria — is Left-wing mobs increasingly using violence to shut down meetings by conservatives and Right-wingers.

The protesters blocking a bus carrying Q Society supporters.

True, some 50 police did last week protect Melbourne City councillors from a mob protesting their crackdown on rough sleepers. But Victoria Police offered only a couple of officers to protect hundreds of people booked to come to a launch last year of my book, even though far-Left provocateurs put up posters around the city urging: “Let’s make this book launch a thoroughly unpleasant affair.” Organisers called it off after security briefings.


The violent Left has become increasingly bold since 2013, when people trying to get to a Melbourne meeting with conservative Dutch politician Geert Wilders were attacked.

Last April, about 30 far-Left protesters wearing balaclavas assaulted anti-halal activists at a Muslim food festival in Ascot Vale.

Last June, more masked Leftists attacked another rally by far-Right nationalists, and punched and kicked an onlooker trying to film them.

In November, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson cancelled a meeting in Melbourne with conservative Jews after police warned they could not guarantee the crowd’s safety and the organiser should hire guards.

The issue is not if we like or deplore Hanson, Bernardi, Wilders, anti-Muslim protesters or a conservative journalist. The issue is how we settle our differences — by violence or speech? And should thugs decide which politicians we may meet?

3 thoughts on “Leftist mobs should not dictate who we can hear and meet”

  1. Beware of trusting the police – not only are they leftists (craven gangsters who get paid for slanderous extortion) but they also regularly abdicate their oaths of office to protect the public, in favor of sacrificing said public to protect only their own careers and pensions by obeying the subjective dictates of their political masters, in stead of objectively enforcing the law equally for all.

  2. Unfortunately the Victorian police will always (under orders from above) let Left wing parasites run loose and do whatever they can to disrupt and intimidate anybody who disagrees with the socialist jackboot Andrews government. Free speech in Victoria is only allowed if it is what the left believes you should. Any deviation from the stated line will result in leftist mobs and the usual rent a crowd to be given a free hand to cause as much mayhem and deny the majority of open minded free thinking individuals to make up their own mind by engaging in intellectual debate. Their only goal is to shut down debate so as no one asks the questions and possibly comes up with an answer. These petty anti free speech groups are usually used to hide the bigger problems that faces society that their masters do not want us to see.

  3. The biggest Fascists and Racists are usually the same left wing mobs that are crying for the blood and denigrating the usually quite and civilised conservative groups who believe in free speech and are willing to have open minds.

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