Media Statement from the Q-Society of Australia

Media Statement

Melbourne, 13 February 2017. Debbie Robinson, the president of Q Society of Australia Inc (QSA) has earlier today made the following statement in response to criticism about a recent QSA event:

Moral Inversion and Jacqueline Maley’s urge to take offence.

Larry Pickering, Ross Cameron and other renowned personalities who spoke at a Q Society/Halal Choices fundraiser in Sydney on 9 February, did so at a ticketed, private event. Australians know Larry and Ross are not infected with Political Correctness.

Jacqueline Maley, a journalist with the Fairfax organisation, bought her $150 ticket under a private email address and disrespected the terms and conditions of the ticket by publishing the venue details. Ms Maley failed to provide a true account of the event and the reasons why the function had been organised.

Her published perceptions of remarks made by speakers at this private function and confected outrage, stirred up animosity against those attending other QSA events and incited hatred against the organisers. Ms Maley’s piece triggered sociopaths to make death threats against QSA’s Kirralie Smith and myself.

QSA does not agree with every statement guest speakers make and we do not censor what our guests say at a private function. We hold that Australians have the right to speak freely and hear what others have to say. We are thankful when renowned Australians donate their valuable time and, at their own expense, volunteer for the cause of freedom of expression.

Larry Pickering comments about Islam and homosexuals represent his personal views. If he dislikes Muslims, Catholics, homosexuality or the All Blacks, that’s his choice. He does not speak on behalf of Q Society. Larry and Ross are not members of QSA and stand their own ground.

Cartoonists and social commentators are prone to giving honest appraisals of Islam. The Jyllands Posten cartoons, the cartoon contest at Garland, Texas and Charlie Hebdo are just some of the pointers for the morally inverted. Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains another strong hint. Not even the UN has subjected this basic human right to a hurt-feelings test.

Anyone brave enough to criticise, mock and ridicule totalitarian ideologies and their followers is our ally. Those who eagerly make excuses for Islam’s sociopathic prophet and the murderous ideology he spawned, are the enemies of equality, liberty and democracy.


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