A$$hole(s) of the Month

The rest is the same vomit they always offer up like a broken record:

“… our thoughts / feelings are with the victims and their relatives…”, “now, it is important to show solidarity…”, ” it was an attack on us all…”, ” now we have to stick to our values and defend the open society…”, ” the perpetrators must be held accountable…”, ” the terrorists want us to be intimidated, but they will not succeed…”,  “terrorism will not prevail “. And again and again: “innocent people blah blah….”

And of course, none of this has anything to do with Islam.  Nothing at all.

‘You are doing what ISIS wants’: Malcolm Turnbull and ministers slam Hanson over Muslim ban

“We’re not about to deport Australian citizens who are Muslims because of any kind of xenophobic campaign … they are as Australian as anyone else.”

No, you miserable son of a whore, no Muslims ever came to Australia to become Australian. Every Muslim who ever landed on these shores came to make Australia Islamic. Savvy?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his ministers have slammed One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s proposal of a so-called “Muslim ban” in the wake of the London terror attack, arguing her policy is dangerous and would worsen the impact of terrorism.

In a provocative video published hours after the London attack, in which four people died, Senator Hanson noted the hashtag #PrayForLondon, which was being used to express sympathy around the world.

“The object of the Islamist terrorist is to get the broader society to turn on Muslims at large,” Mr Turnbull said.
Turncoat is just regurgitating the vomit of Islamic da’awa gigolos.  Turning on Mohammedan headchoppers is not a bad thing. It would be the first move towards self-preservation.
‘He’s not a true Muslim!’ Labour MP insists terror attacker does not speak for Muslims
A LABOUR MP has lashed out at those calling on the Muslim community to tackle extremism before saying the London terror attacker is “not a true Muslim”.–EXPRESS.CO.UK

Never buy your Islam from a Mohammedan female who’s witness is only half of a man’s and according to her own prophet is “deficient in intelligence”.

British Lawmaker: London Terrorist’s Religion Is ‘Utterly And Completely’ Irrelevant
British Lawmaker Lord Digby Jones does not believe the religion of the London attacker is pertinent, The Washington Post reports.

How much longer must we suffer this idiocy?

Pauline’s got help:

Pauline Hanson has come under fire for saying we should have a ban on Muslim immigration and that we need to defend ourselves against Islam.
But after another high-profile terror attack in the West (this time, the UK) people are justifiably worried and scared. People know Australia is not immune from such attacks. We have never experienced such a threat in our lives before, at least on home soil.
Pauline Hanson is not the threat. The the adherents of radical Islam – otherwise known as Islamists – are.
Those who think that Pauline doesn’t have the right to say what she said, obviously don’t believe in democracy and free speech. All religious institutions are fair game for criticism in secular democracies. Christianity has its fair share of knockers but we don’t see hashtags and protest rallies about that.
Also, the inference that Pauline’s comments are going to cause national security issues or lead to increased radicalism are either a nonsense or proof of her fears about Islam. If moderate, law-abiding, loyal Australian Muslims are going to radicalise and become anti-Australian because of comments Pauline Hanson makes then the problem doesn’t lie with Pauline. For the record, I don’t believe Muslims will radicalise because of what Pauline says. Rather, if I was loyal Australian Muslim who heard that argument I’d be offended that someone would think my loyalty to my nation would be that fickle.
Pauline expresses a view supported by many Australians because of their concerns about radical Islam and the threat it poses to our national security.
I sympathise with those concerns. That’s why I think we need to ban immigration and entry into Australia from all countries where there is a high local of radicalism, terror activity and violent extremism (except when it’s absolutely proven you are a persecuted minority fleeing for your life). We also now need to amp up security screening to the highest level for those entering Australia who, demographically, are statistically more likely to commit a terror attack. Does this equate to racial profiling? Yes. And I say so unashamedly because national security is more important than the hurt feelings of someone who wants to visit our country and settle here.
A clearer understanding of Australia values and values that are not accepted in Australia needs to be spelt out to entrants.
We also need to take a tougher stance against radical Islam, or Islamism. That dangerous ideology is the cause of terror attacks all over the world. We, in the West, must stand up against that ideology and champion our own cultural worldview. Otherwise, the Islamists will win.
UK pol on London jihadi: “The fact that the man is a Muslim is utterly and completely irrelevant”

Digby Jones is the former Minister of State for Trade and Investment in the UK. Here he is denying the ancient adage that one must know one’s enemy in order to defeat that enemy. The fact that Khalid Masood was a Muslim is only irrelevant if his Muslim identity had nothing to do with his motive for mounting the attack. But Jones doesn’t know whether it did or not; he is just assuming that it didn’t because to say otherwise would be politically inconvenient. If the London attacker had been a white supremacist, would Jones be saying that his motive was irrelevant? Of course not. If there were an organized group of international white supremacists calling for terror attacks in Britain and elsewhere, and vowing to destroy the British government and replace it with a white supremacist regime, and there were numerous white supremacists in Britain publicly avowing that they were on board with this program, and one of them drove into a crowd of pedestrians and then stabbed a police officer, would Digby Jones be saying that the attacker’s white supremacism was irrelevant?

“Britons are denouncing Donald Trump Jr.’s attack on London’s mayor,” by Isaac Stanley-Becker, Washington Post, March 22, 2017:

…British lawmakers emerging from Westminster Abbey, where they found sanctuary after the attack, also defended the mayor — and insisted his Muslim identity would not be a factor as the city comes to grips with the incident.“There should not be a single thought about what his identity is,” said Pola Uddin, a member of the House of Lords. “This is a moment of reflection for all Londoners, and should lead us to consider the fact that we largely haven’t experienced such attacks before, while other cities have.”

Dominic Grieve, a Conservative MP, said the mayor was not in a difficult position owing to prior statements on terrorism and security — “none whatsoever,” he said.

The message the mayor has sent to London residents is fitting, said Digby Jones. “You’re safer in London than you’ve ever been,” he said. “If this turns out to be an act of Islamic terrorism, I think the fact that the man is a Muslim is utterly and completely irrelevant.”

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  1. I repeat !
    and Again …. I repeat !!
    and Again …. I repeat !!!
    Purge … islam Globally
    • incarcerate the masters of the islam appeasers (the politicians’)
    • incarcerate the islam appeasing politicians politicals … etc
    • jail the non-islam suicidal self-hater (aka Lefts/Marxists) islam assistors and demonstrators
    • purge islam … Globally
    • pulverise every mosque
    • purge the non-islam criminal African Tribals (some are aka Sudanese)
    (Return Australia to be islam & Criminal African tribal FREE)

    What happens … otherwise
    1. islams force non-islams to convert to islam.
    2. islams force non-islams “of the book” (ie. Christians/Jews) to “willingly” agree to be slaves of islam.
    3. islams rape plunder then kill all non-islams “of the book” (ie. Christians/Jews) who will not convert or be willingly enslaved and not of the book non-islams who wont convert … to islam.
    (… the three tenets of islam)

    How stupid do our hierarchy sound …
    includes our current “elected” PM Malcolm BlighT …
    now even to themselves !!!

    The top 1.50011% … are the ones to be incarcerated for TREASON !!!
    along with the suicidal self-hating mercenaries plucked from the “Everyone Else Group” !!!

  2. i.e: “If we don’t let the violent criminals have their way with us, then they’ll just end up having their way with us anyway! Best to Submit now and get it all over with! La ilaha il allah…!”


  3. Leftopaths always “feel” that the best solution to any threatening idea, is to immediately become part of the problem!

    They describe their instantaneous focus on, and Submission to, their own fears of pains, “practical,” “canny,” and “realpolitik!”

  4. Every politician that is an advocate of muslim open door policies should be forced to take at least three young men into their homes for a minimum of two years. Why should the family of Rotherham and elsewhere across the UK experience first hand these savages?

    Same for the American obamacare, if it was not good enough for the politicians who recused themselves, family and staff from then it is not good enough for the American people.

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