Cairo Document for Spreading Peace

Thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

In The Name of Allah Most Merciful Most Compassionate

Recommendations of the 72th International Conference of The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Ministry of Islamic Endowments

Under the auspices of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, and the Chairmanship of Dr. Mohammed Mukhtar Gomaa, Minister of Religious Endowments and President of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, a host of clerics, politicians, parliamentarians, thinkers and intellectuals from all over the world met in the twenty seventh conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs that was held in Cairo Governorate on Saturday and Sunday 31th and 31th of Jamadah Al-Akhar 3111 Hijri corresponding to 33th and 37th of March 7132 A.D. under the title: “The Role of Leaders and Decision Makers in Spreading the Culture of Peace and Confronting Terrorism and other Threats”.

Cairo Document for Spreading Peace


1-To work, through international organizations, on criminalizing discrimination on the basis of religion (Islam) and religious exclusion without exceptions.

1- To refrain from associating terrorism to religions, for they are innocent of it, and to affirm that such association is a flagrant injustice against religions that embroils the world in endless and devastating circles of violence.

Translation: “all religions” means Islam and Islam only, submit and you can buy your life from the Muslims if you pay the jiziya with willing submission while feeling utterly subdued.

These people are insane.

2 thoughts on “Cairo Document for Spreading Peace”

  1. Those Sand Sharks are clever. To us, common words have common meanings. Sand Sharks invert those meanings.

    ‘humanitarian co-existence programs’: Convert or die! Commanded to fight unti….. Coexistence, yeah, right.

    ‘To focus on human commonalities as well as commonalities among religions ‘: we have nothing in common. We value life, they crave death as the entrance to the celestial orgy. Religious commonality: Jesus crucified, dead, resurrected vs Isa not crucified, not dead, not resurrected; not divine only Allah’s skave. Yeah, right.

    ‘ criminalizing discrimination on the basis of religion’: Dhimmitude, Jizya, prohibition on building churches? Yeah, right.

    ‘To refrain from associating terrorism to religions’:
    who the Hell associated Islam with terror? Who said he would and did cast terror? Who said he was made victorious with terror? Those Sand Sharks need a Dupont Enema!

    ‘To believe in diversity ‘ ~ ‘Our way is conver

    not divergence, and mercy not combat or clash. Diversity is a universal norm’: Cognitive Dissonance !!!

  2. George Orwell predicted that word meanings would be reversed. He saw it in action in the Soviet Union where he lived for a while. Islam uses the same technique. The democratic world eventually repudiated the Soviet Union. They saw communism for what it was in reality. Islam is succeeding where the USSR failed. Why? I wish I knew. At least some people in positions of influence see Islam’s real agenda. Not enough as yet. Maybe the Dutch will start a backlash.

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