Double-talk & BS after Londonistan

“Moderate Muslims have a role to play in combatting the West’s anti-Islam stance”

Combatting the West until it submits.   @ IBT

Muslims and non-Muslims “must stand up against all forms of oppression, hatred and use all our capabilities to try and foster peace in the world.” … (under Islam, of course. Thanks to al BeBeeCeera)

Is this Islam? Could this be the Islam of Prophet Mohammad, who was sent as a blessing for mankind?
The Side of Islam in Britain the Left Won’t See: Immigration without integration is invasion.

We’ll shut down extremist mosques supporting terror, warns Theresa May
Since March 2015 how many mosques or fundamentalist preachers has this quisling “shut down”? All mosques preach Islam therefore are extremist, as the fundamentals of Islam are extreme. After 7/7, Tony BLiar announced he would deport 500 hate preachers. None were deported. Omar Bakri left by himself and Abu Qatada left long after BLiar was gone.
The Home Secretary said a future Tory government would introduce ‘closure orders’ to shut premises owned or used by extremists as part of a far-reaching…

They call him “mad dog” for a reason

Mattis says al-Qaeda terrorists “defame Islam”
It seems as if all those with any power or influence anywhere in the Western world, all across the political spectrum, have agreed to back a fiction and pretend that Islam is other than what it is in its canonical text, prophet, schools of…  BY PAMELA GELLER
Muslim women gather on Westminster Bridge to condemn ‘abhorrent’ attack
‘It is an attack on all of us’
Laughable. The Ahmadiyya are not even considered Muslims by their sunni coreligionists. Their leader, Mirza Ahmed, threatened Geert Wilders with ‘destruction’. They are the most fiercely proselytising mob amongst the Islamic sects. The Ahmadi movement was founded by a self-styled prophet for the sole purpose  to destroy Christianity. The movement has never renounced that goal.

3 thoughts on “Double-talk & BS after Londonistan”

  1. The Ahmadiyya are routinely trotted out as examples of Moderate Islam. The problem is that Islam despises the Ahmadiyya as much as it does the infidel west, if not more so. Ignorance is not bliss. It is the key asset of Islam in its efforts to destroy democracy and install Islam. And Ahmadiyya has not renounced Mohamed as the “ideal man”. It is another deception, a smokescreen to hide Islam’s real agenda.

  2. Muslims stick a key in the back of most politicians these days and they bow and scrape like clockwork. It goes to show you that Enoch Powell was right all along!

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