He was a Muslim. Who gives a f*kc where he was born?

The problem isn’t wether the London attacker was British-born or not. The problem is that Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization.

It is just as irrelevant whether ISLAMIC State or any known Islamic terrorist organisation  claimed responsibility for the London terror attack. Every Muslim can self-radicalise by reading Qur’an, sira & hadith.

Lone wolf? Known wolf? None of the generic, deceptive labels invented by left-wing elites to whitewash Islamic terror will do here. There are now eight others arrested in London and Birmingham. So he was not “lone,” an insulting euphemism. There are no lone wolves in the global jihad. According to PM May he was only a peripheral figure. Whatever that means. It sounds like saying someone is a ‘little pregnant.’ How much jihad puts one inside the periphery?

A$$hole of the month:

“…He was inspired… by international terrorism…” –-Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley asks for “restraint…” as they investigate associates of terrorist…


“We must recognise now that our Muslim communities will feel anxious at this time given the past behaviour of extreme right wing groups….”

Pathetic, cringeworthy dhimmitude.

Tommy Robinson was on the scene and minced no words. This is a must see video.

 on Theresa May:

The deliberation, the intensifying quaver, the steady eye — the empty words saying the gov will do nothing to protect its people from Islam

Theresa May Refuses to ID Terrorist, But Admits: He’s ‘Known to MI5’
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3 thoughts on “He was a Muslim. Who gives a f*kc where he was born?”

  1. “…“…He was inspired… by international terrorism…” –-Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley …”

    But Mr Commissioner – it would be more helpful and less patronising of you if you told us what sort of international terrorism inspired these actions.
    Was it Hindu? Buddhist? Jewish? Southern Baptist?

    Pleas, at least give us a hint.

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