Islamised State School in Sydney Got ‘Busted’ For Excluding Female Teachers


Teacher quits after primary school students threaten to behead her…

 Is this the type of Australia we want our children and future generations of children to grow up in?

Sydney primary school teacher says year 5 students threatened to behead her, kill her family

Frightened teachers at a Sydney primary school have revealed students are showing signs of extreme radicalisation at a young age, saying they have been traumatised by threats of beheading and other violent behaviour.

Students as young as in Year 5 are making the threats and pressuring peers into reading the Koran at Punchbowl Public School in Sydney’s southwest, the Daily Telegraph has reported.

Documents given to the newspaper reportedly reveal that at least three staff members have taken stress leave, received counselling and been paid compensation after bullying from Islamic students.

“Sydney School Principal Axed For “Excluding Female Teachers” From Key Events.

That was how the story broke, in the ‘Australian’ and the (Aussie) “Telegraph:”.

“The school principal and deputy of a school in Sydney’s south-west have been fired amid claims that they excluded female staff members from official events.

‘Punchbowl Boys’ High School principal Chris Griffiths and Deputy Principal Jourmana Dennaoiu were removed from their roles at the school following an investigation, ‘The Australian’ reports.

‘The NSW Education Department confirmed yesterday that the pair had been dumped from the Muslim-majority school.

‘The newspaper understands that the school’s treatment of its female staff was one of the main issues that led to the decision, reporting that a decision was made last year to exclude them from taking official roles in the Year 12 graduation ceremony and annual presentation day.

‘A raft of other issues (indeed! – CM) further contributed to the Department’s decision.

“As a result of a recent appraisal of Punchbowl Boys’ High School, there has been a change in the leadership of the school”, a spokesman for the Education Department said.  “A new principal and deputy principal will commence work at the school tomorrow.”

‘Education Minister Rob Stokes said a new principal has been appointed to the school, effective immediately”.

The “Telegraph” ran essentially the same story – 

“Punchbowl HIgh Principal Sacked For Excluding Female Staff From Events”.

‘The principal of a south-west Sydney boys’ school has been sacked for excluding female staff from official events.

‘Chris Griffiths and his deputy Joumana Denanoiiu have been stood down from their roles at the mostly-Muslim Punchbowl Boys’ High, The Australian reported.

‘Among issues leading to the drastic move by the NSW Education Department, are claims that Mr Griffiths practised an unofficial policy of excluding female teachers from Year 12 graduation ceremonies and presentation days…

Since he has been at the school since the beginning of 2015, one must assume this happened at least twice. – CM

‘Mr Griffiths was appointed to run the school in 2015 after Jihad Dib, who was credited with restoring its reputation, left to become the NSW Labor MP for Lakemba.

‘Community sources claim that Mr Griffiths also cancelled large community dinners and barred former students from visiting the school”.

It would be interesting to have more detail on this; were these former students Muslim or non-Muslim? Were they ‘old’ Old Boys (i.e. from the period before the school became majority-Muslim) or more recent “old boys”?  Given that, in other reports, we learn that Mr Griffiths was a convert to Islam, it would be a safe bet that he would be less than accommodating toward non-Muslim Old Boys.

The “Telegraph” permitted Comments.  Here is one, from “Narelle” – “If you want your child to be educated in a muslim environment there are Islamic schools that facilitate that choice (and how! – CM).  A public school is just that, public, not to cater to a select few.”   “Merrick” remarked, “Where’s the Discrimination Commissioner in all this. Forget the Muslim slant on this story, this bloke discriminated against staff because they were women” and was answered by ‘Sandy D’ who observed, “He discriminated against the women due to the large male Muslim school population.  They are not separate issues”.

As for the goings-on at this school in the past… here is a link to a news story from 14 years ago, where it’s plain that major trouble was already brewing, due to the Muslim presence.

“AVOs and Rape Threats, Court Told”.

“An apprehended violence order was taken out against two Punchbowl Boys’ HIgh School students after a group of boys threatened to rape a teacher who was travelling on the same train, a court has been told.

That would have been a group of Muslim boys threatening to rape an Infidel teacher. – CM

‘The school’s former principal Clifford Preece told the District Court yesterday he tried to have the boys transferred to another school but it did not eventuate.

They should have been reported to the police, right then and there, and subjected to due process of law. They should not have been inflicted on any infidel teacher nor on any infidel classmates, anywhere. – CM

‘”They actually went on long suspension and returned to Punchbowl… some time later the teacher transferred out”, he said.

So the teacher, not those who had threatened her, was forced to move.  The Ummah, or Mohammedan mob, getting its own way by threats and bullying. – CM

‘Mr Preece is suing the Department of Education, claiming it failed to protect his safety during his five years at the school between 1995 and 1999.

‘He suffered a nervous breakdown in 2000 and claims he developed chronic post-traumatic stress disorder and is unable to teach again.

‘Judge Christopher Robison has heard evidence of gang invasions, knife attacks – including an attack involving a student charged with malicious wounding after stabbing a fellow student in the classroom –  bomb scares, and toxic chemicals put in a kettle used by teachers.

And all of this, nota bene, before September 11 2001.  Just Muslims, Muslims, Muslims, waging jihad, terrorising the hated infidels. – CM

‘Mr Preece’s wife, Wendy, told the court that after her husband was threatened with a gun by a gang intruder at the school in late 1997, he became agitated, could not sleep, developed bad headaches, and played less sport. After his breakdown he would sometimes spend the day in bed.

‘Mr Preece said it took nine months after the gun incident for perimeter fencing to be installed, but the students quickly worked out how to remove the screws and security panels.

A pity it couldn’t have been electrified… Dogs, big black ones, might have sobered up these nasty little budding jihadis, too. – CM

‘He said another fence of galvanised wire mesh, topped by three strands of barbed wire, was “cut on a regular basis”.

‘He said when he was required to visit the school as part of the legal action, a few months ago (this in 2003) he noticed new signs saying the school had camera surveillance – something he had wanted.  However, he discovered there were no cameras and the signs were “bluff”.

‘John Burn, counsel for the department, questioned Mr Preece’s suggestions there should have been a police “beat” at the school, metal detectors on entries, and surveillance and alarm systems.

To repeat; this was before September 11 2001, yet this school – what percentage of the student body was Muslim, in 1995-1999? – was already a ‘war zone’, with its Muslim pupils lawless and aggressive, defying non-Muslim authority and threatening non-Muslim females.  – CM

“This is a school, not a penitentiary” he said, “Do you recognise the educational authorities can only do so much, to keep a school open to people who go there?”

‘Preece agreed, but said the authorities needed to control who entered the school.

‘Preece said intruders would enter the school at recess or lunch and abuse staff.

“Many of the [outside] gang members were, to certain elements of the school, folk heroes”, he said.

‘He said while there were students who should have been expelled , the school and the district supervisor had found the process unfeasible, and resorted instead to long suspensions.

And if a mob of Lebanese Muslims had never been admitted into Australia 1970s -1980s, none of this would have happened at all.. – CM

‘He said there were 30 students who should have been sent to specialised behavioural schools, but only three were placed, due to lack of space.

‘Mr Preece said, while he had recommended counselling to staff who experienced violence, he had not believed he needed it…

Counselling to enable one to put up with behaviour one should never have had to endure in the first place… This whole article, illustrating the effect, on just one school, of a significant percentage of aggressive and lawless mohammedan ‘youths’ and the rest of the mohammedan mob (those idolised ‘gang members’ who became ‘folk heroes, is an illustration of why Muslim immigration is such an expensive disaster. 

Now, fast-forward to 2017, with a report by Rebecca Urban in “The Australian”, and we discover that not much had changed; the Muslim domination of the school had, if anything, become more deeply entrenched.

‘Punchbowl School Hostile to Police Help.

‘Police community liaison officers have been unable to access Punchbowl Boys’ High for the past two and a half years, despite its well-known violent history (as glimpsed in the news story from 2003 that I just reproduced, above – CM) and concerns that some of the largely-Muslim student population could be at risk of radicalisation.

Never mind ‘at risk’. I’d say they started Going Jihad in the 1990s – as evidenced by those threats of rape levelled, off-campus, at a (presumably-Infidel) female teacher, way back around 1995-97. – CM

‘The NSW Department of Education, which removed school principal Chris Griffiths and deputy principal Joumana Dennaoui this week, is understood to have received multiple serious complaints from staff throughout last year, prompting an extensive investigation.

I would be curious to know whether it was the Muslim or the remaining Infidel staff members who complained. – CM

‘It yesterday confirmed that Robert Patruno, who most recently headed the education unit inside Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre in Sydney, would assume the role of principal.

‘Mr Patruno is a former head teacher at Punchbowl, in Sydney’s southwest.

I do hope that he may have heard of Niccolai Sennels’ work with young offenders from Muslim backgrounds. – CM

‘Fresh details about the level of dysfunction at the state-funded boys’ school are starting to emerge, including claims that management had developed an openly-hostile relationship with police, including local school liaison officers, who were once actively involved with the school, visiting frequently for student workshops, to conduct mentoring, and take part in award presentations.

‘The ‘Weekend Australian’ has been told that a senior staff member was known to refer to police as “pigs” and had encouraged students to film police on their phones if they were ever apprehended.

One must bear in mind that such footage would most likely be circulated to the rest of the mohammedan mob, potentially exposing the identified police to targeted Muslim “revenge” attack. – CM

There have been several allegations of non-Muslim staff being subjected to verbal attacks – including threats of beheading – from Muslim students claiming to be Islamic State sympathisers.

‘It is understood these allegations were not reported to the police.

They should have been – anonymously, if necessary – along with the names and addresses of the pupils responsible, for the further attention of ASIO and the AFP and the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad. – CM

Disunity (what a peculiar choice of word? I would have said, rather, “Infidel alarm” or “Infidel discontent”  or “infidel anger” – CM) on campus is understood to have come to a head in December when female staff were excluded from the schools’ annual presentation day.

‘The Weekend Australian has also been told that the Education Department, which is headed by former ABC managing director Mark Scott, wanted to look at implementing a deradicalisation program at the school (waste of time; the only Muslim who ceases to be dangerous is a Muslim who is no longer a Muslim, who has made a publicly-declared and clean break with Islam – CM) but had struggled to gain the cooperation of the school’s leadership.

‘While a department spokesman said yesterday the investigation was “not a security review or a review into social cohesion” (from all accounts there was no ‘social cohesion’ at the school, between the dominant and aggressive Mohammedans and the frightened and appeasing non-Muslims, whether students or staff, who had been reduced to a vulnerable minority – CM) he refused to comment specifically on whether the school was considered a candidate for deradicalisation programs or additional support for vulnerable students.

How about additional support for the remnant of non-Muslim students and staff?  If the school student body is 70 percent Muslim that means that 30 percent of the student body is Infidel.. and I bet they are much in need of encouragement and assistance… beginning with martial arts classes… –  CM

“Following matters raised… by a number of Punchbowl Boys’ High School staff, senior department officers attended the school on multiple occasions in 2016 to inquire into aspects of the school’s operations” the spokesman said.

One hopes that at least some of these visits were “surprise inspections”. – CM

“These inquiries resulted in the department conducting an extensive appraisal of the school’s policies, procedures and management during the first weeks of the 2017 school year.  The appraisal revealed a high level of staff disunity and disharmony, plus increased disengagement of the school from its local community“.

Hm. Looks like the Dar Al Islam / Dar al Harb split ran right through this school like an earthquake fault line. – CM

‘Mr Griffiths and Ms Dennaoui was deputy principals at Punchbowl under principal Jihad Dib, who left in 2015 to enter politics.  Mr Dib was a highly-regarded educator who oversaw the transformation of the school following his appointment as a 33-year-old in 2007.

‘Once surrounded by barbed wire, the school had been unofficially controlled by Middle Eastern (sic: Muslim – CM) gangs, and was a hotbed for drug dealing and violent crime.

‘A new approach to discipline and the formation of strong ties with the community, including an open-door arrangement with police, worked to turn the situation around.

‘Under Mr Dib’s tenure, literacy and numeracy rates soared.

Or, perhaps, improved from previous abysmal ranking, to something more like the Aussie average?  Given that Mr Dib – named Jihad! – is also a Mohammedan, one wonders whether it was simply a matter of his convincing the local ummah, and the muslim pupils, that Mecca mode might be more politic, for the time being. – CM

‘Now the state member for (Muslim-majority – CM) Lakemba, Mr Dib said it was his ‘sincere hope’ that the issue was resolved quickly. “If, as it appers, this is a case of exclusion in one of our public schools, then that is wrong’, he said yesterday…”.

The Comments at the Telegraph were many, and many revealed a keen awareness of the root of the problem.  “Alison” remarked – “Let’s hope that the former Principal and Deputy have been removed permanently from any role “educating” children rather than just shifted elsewhere.”  ‘David’ observed  “All the concern about terrorists returning from Syria… when they are already here in Punchbowl.  Really makes Australians feel safe, doesn’t it?” ‘Joanne’ said, “Do we want a repeat of Rotherham UK?   Very simple – one country, one law, one people”.  GD said, “2 percent of the population, and all this trouble…”.  ‘Shaun’ said, “The stupid thing is, they have numerous examples from European countries on what happens when you get a Muslim population over certain percentage levels, and it’s never good.  Islam is totally incompatible with Western Democracy, and yet they just ignore the bleeding obvious. It’s just cultural suicide” (and 114 people upclicked him).  ‘Ian’ said – “We didn’t tolerate communism attempting to overthrow the political system, yet we are openly tolerating the Islamic political ideology openly attesting to the same aim, by any means.  How did we allow this to get this far?” (132 people agreed).  And ‘Scott’ said – “Is anyone really surprised?  No Buddhist school problems, no Sikh gangs, no Seventh Day Adventist drug dealers.  Just the scourge of Islam” (186 people agreed); and ‘Jayess’ said to ‘Scott ‘ – Your definition of Islam as a scourge is appropriate, and will prove to be more so as this threat continues to grow throughout our society.  Demographers have noted that trouble really starts (they don’t actually put it that way) when the percentage of Muslims reaches between 6 to 8 percent.  The oft-quoted 2 percent of our population (that is, total Aussie population – CM) as Muslim has been used for a couple of years or more and I would say it is a lot higher already (it already is, when one gets down to local and regional situations – as witness Punchbowl Boys’ High, 70 percent of the student body Muslim; Punchbowl suburb, 30 percent Muslim; Lakemba suburb, 52 percent Muslim – and the trouble is well and truly present – CM)  If we don’t grasp the nettle now we are setting up our grandchildren for a life of strife.  Muslim immigration must stop”.

And one ‘Pericles’ made the most astute comment of all – “It beggars belief that the two school executives under investigation – Chris Griffiths and Joumana Dennaoui – concocted this school culture entirely on their own in three short years. They may have taken it to a new level but they worked at Punchbowl under Dib and inherited the culture developed by Dib at Punchbowl High.  And Labor want to make Dib the State Minister for Education to run all schools. (?? -!! – CM). There are far too many question marks around Dib for that to be acceptable.  When did Dib last speak to Griffiths or Dennaoui?  How often does he speak to them?  Has he visited the school since leaving, officially or unofficially?  Is he in contact with the school community as the local member?”

Then ‘Rebecca’ added – “Department spokesman said yesterday the investigation was ‘not a security review or a review into social cohesion’ (quote). Sounds EXACTLY what it needs and should be!  This sounds like a national security issue.  Where is MT and federal police?”

‘Michael’ quoted from the article – “Once surrounded by barbed wire, the school had been unofficially controlled by Middle Eastern gangs and was a hotbed for drug dealing and violent crime” and then remarked, sarcastically, “Oh, the joys of Islamic immigration!  I guess this is a classic example of a police ‘no go’ area in Australia.  How many other ‘no go’ areas are there now in Sydney and Melbourne.  Remember, European politicians tried to hide the facts and look at the mess they suffer now.  Let’s have the truth out and deal with the problem of creeping Sharia law” (106 people agreed).

To which one ‘Henry’ replied, “I have taught at Punchbowl. At sport, I picked two captains.  One was a Muslim, the other was an Australian (presumably, Infidel – CM).  Within seconds ALL the other Muslim students stood behind the Muslim captain, leaving the Australian side vastly outnumbered.  All steadfastly refused to change sides to even up the teams. (Now that is interesting; the Aussie infidel students, at that Muslim-dominated school, even when badly outnumbered, would rather play under an infidel captain, than endure a Mohammedan as captain! – CM)  “This is how we always do it”, was the reply.  I also noticed a distinct lack of respect for ALL female teachers, by students“.  ‘Stephen’ observed flatly, “Australia must stop Islamic immigration“.  Michael remarked, “A school with a high Muslim population has no respect for authority (more precisely: for Infidel authority and infidel law enforcement – CM) and women.  Who’d have guessed it?”

‘Sara’ had an interesting perspective – “I know from many years of teaching and parenting experience that the Department of Education will tolerate and support massive incompetence in its directors, principals, and staff. The fact that people have been removed from this school sends deafening alarm bells ringing – things must have been absolutely shocking for this to happen.  I’m sure we are only hearing the tip of it”. To which ‘Mary’ replied: “Totally agree, Sara.  I have never heard of both the Principal and Deputy being stepped down together.  Note each day a little more info is being made public.  Would love to get an insider’s comment on what the atmosphere was like at the school and in the classrooms.”

Spencer of Brisbane said – “Close it down.  We don’t need a state-funded school where pupils of a certain religion are taught to hate police and women”. (Not that they needed to come to school to learn that… misogyny, and disrespect for Infidel law and government, are already coded into Islam – CM)  ‘Ross’ said – “It should be painfully clear, even to our dim-witted politicians, that Muslim immigration is failing, and that the number being allowed into our nation must be stopped.  Already our schools are becoming (no: have become – CM) battlefields and this problem is affecting the general population and our way of life”.  ‘Kate’ remarked – “…It’s the little things that creep in, slowly, so that we hardly notice. But they all add up to a takeover.  That’s exactly what’s been happening at Punchbowl School… We only notice when they go too far and lo and behold, right in front of us is the Trojan horse, and we wonder why we didn’t see it before.  This is Australia, for heaven’s sake!    Why do we tolerate students threatening to behead teachers.  I cannot believe that this was not reported to the police.  If this sort of behaviour was tolerated, what else has been going on at this school?..” (Indeed – CM).  Then ‘Mike’ – “So the school is effectively a no-go zone for the authorities, one of the first..” to which ‘Rebecca’ responded, “Just the first one we have heard about”.

Bob’ said“I know as fact from my sisters who are teachers in the UK that predominantly Muslim schools do not allow females who will not cover their heads.  These are taxpayer-funded, not private schools. I was sent a newspaper cutting to prove it. Why don’t we hear about this in our press?”

‘Rebecca, to ‘Bob’, explained, “Why, it might offend! Can’t have that, especially if it concerns those from the religion of the perpetually offended”.

People have been doing their homework, alright; for one ‘Huffandpuff’ chipped in – “Why am I not shocked? It sounds similar to Operation Trojan Horse carried out in Birmingham, England, where Muslims had organised plots to wrest control of state schools and Islamise them.  This is not diversity, and it is too late to turn this school around.  A strong education department would close the school  A strong government would stop Muslim immigration as the results are obvious...”, upon which ‘Consv8ive’ said, “..How this developed under the now local Labor MP who was headmaster, remains a question to be answered.  Good one to start in NSW parliament Question Time.”  And ‘Rebecca, to ‘Huffandpuff”, replied, “Isn’t the whole Islamic diaspora a ‘trojan horse’??”   You said it, Rebecca.  You said it. Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  For full details on how and why – see Sam Solomon’s “Al-Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”.

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