London Attacker Found ‘Inner Peace’ with Prayer, Quran Study…

Thanks to the Religion of Peace:

‘I saw he was quieter and much more serious’: Westminster killer converted to Islam after jail says childhood friend

“Masood was a ‘very religious, well spoken man. You couldn’t go to his home in Birmingham on Friday because he would be at prayer.’”

If Masood had been a “very religious” Christian, the establishment media would be investigating what was taught at his church, and publishing searching features about the crisis within Christianity. But since he was a “very religious” adherent of a religion that mandates warfare against unbelievers and thrice repeats in its holy scripture the demand that believers must “kill them” (2:191, 4:89, 9:5), the establishment media is busy doing what it always does after a jihad massacre: making sure that no one thinks ill of the killer’s motivating ideology.

Adrian Ajao, who later called himself Khalid Masood, at a local village eventAdrian Ajao, who later called himself Khalid Masood, at a local village event pre-2003CREDIT: JULIAN SIMMONDS

childhood friend of Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood has spoken of how his companion had completely changed after prison, where it is feared he was groomed for extremism behind bars.

According to Mark Ashdown, 52, there were still flashes of his old friend’s personality, but otherwise he was like a different person.

He told the Sun: “When he first came out he told me he’d become a Muslim in prison and I thought he was joking.

“Then I saw he was quieter and much more serious.

“I gave him some cash-in-hand work for a few months as a labourer.

“He said he needed time to pray and read the Koran – something about finding inner peace.”

Counter-terrorism officers have spent days piecing together what led the 52-year-old to shed his birth name and later unleash carnage on the capital.

I guess “we will never know what made him do it” will be the final diagnosis of his disease. Because we can’t be told that it was jihad.

From Moonbattery:

The government/media establishment in Europe is controlled by Islam’s liberal enablers. The more P.C. crap this establishment feeds the public, the more people like Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League come to sound like the voice of reason:

As this phase of Islam’s 1,400-year-old war against the West continues to escalate, candlelight vigils and pious platitudes are not going to cut it. The authorities had better throw Robinson in prison on some trumped-up hate speech charge while they still can.

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