Can’t wait for the first schmuck to come out calling the imported pest “homegrown”.  Safe Schools?   How safe is the school when the principal is not safe?

I could be wrong, but most likely this is Bill Leak’s last cartoon.
What have we imported?

Modern, multicultural Sydney:

The new principal of a southwest Sydney school was allegedly verbally threatened by two men just days after taking up his appointment, amid expectations that he will overturn the previous headmaster’s refusal to adopt the NSW government’s anti-radicalisation programs.

Robert Patruno, who started as principal of Punchbowl Boys High School last Friday, was allegedly visited by the pair on Monday.

“We’re gonna get you, we’re going to f. k you up, you dog. F. k you,” they told him.

Punchbowl has been at the centre of ongoing media attention after it was revealed the former principal, Chris Griffiths, and his deputy, Joumana Dennaoui, had pushed back against efforts by the NSW Department of Education to implement anti-extremism programs.

They were subsequently removed from their positions.

Mark Scott, secretary of the Department of Education, said he was aware the threats had been made and had encouraged Mr Patruno to report the incident to police.

“We’ve spoken to the principal about it, we encouraged him to report it to police,” he told 2GB Radio.

“But as I understand it, he just wants to get on with calming down that school community, spending time in front of the parents and the kids, and getting on with his leadership.

“It’s appalling, it’s disturbing, and that’s why we encouraged the principal to brief the police which he did.”

Mr Scott said the school was going through a turbulent time. “Clearly there’s been some upheaval at that school,” he said.

“The principal and deputy have moved on from that school, and that came as a bit of a surprise to that community, and some people were upset. We’ve got a new principal who’s in place there now, and he wants to get on with the job.”

The incident was reportedly witnessed by at least one other member of staff at the public school, and it was reported to police the following day.

“About 4.30pm on Tuesday 7 March, a 32-year-old man attended Bankstown Police station to report a threat made against him the previous day,” a spokeswoman for NSW Police Force said.

“At the time of making the report the 32-year-old wished no further police action be taken.”

Mr Patruno previously ran the education unit at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre.



  1. You have to give it to them for their cheek if nothing else. So they don’t want a non-Muslim principal in charge of a state run school? Maybe he wont be sympathetic to their cause.
    Lets wait for the next round of Q and A, Susan Carland with Dr Ann Aly, Hanan Dover, Waleed Ali, Magded Abdel-Magdied etc . Let’s see how they can twist and contort this one into Muslim victimhood. More lawsuits coming you can be sure.

    1. “Cheek” Muslims have now become the most Teflon coated group within Australia. A token raid here or a stoic outrage there is all we get from the scared as hell appeasement politicians who bend over and take it all the time instead of standing up for the Australian community as a whole.

  2. New Punchbowl Principal “THREATENED” ” [sic]
    (The fact Mr Patruno was reluctant to report this incident to the police is of huge concern to me and should be of immense concern to all (non-islam) Australians) !!!

    Now is the time to arrest and permanently incarcerate ALL islam assisting politicians masters, the islam assisting politicians (hello Malcolm Bligh-T and the perverting hive of Australian politicians), the islam assisting politically appointed and the islam assisting self-hating “others … ie the treasonous hired help” …

    This group of Treasonous “Authorities
    (ie our politicians, appointed politicals and local councillors and the “others … the treasonous hired demonstrators”)
    are STILL importing and pandering to islams …
    are STILL allowing islams in Australia to remain and prosper …
    are STILL allowing the criminal “suicidal self-hating others” (who will be treacherously rewarded by the islams) to appease AND demonstrate in favour of these imported islam criminal invaders !


  3. News tonight showed hijab and niqab wearing Muslimas approving of the former (Muslim convert) principal. Meanwhile the new one figures appeasement is the best policy.

  4. Mark Scott gave the usual appeasement diatribe that you would expect from a public servant. Remember he went through the leftist brainwashing facility known as the ABC. Punchbowl Boys High is just a new breeding ground for radical Islamic teachings and should be cleaned out of the vermin that infects it. When are we going to stop all this namby pamby bullshit support of Islam and do something positive about it instead of turning the other cheek and pretending there is no problem. Use force to eradicate the problem.

  5. Perhaps Mr Patruno could be made aware of the pioneering work done by another Infidel who spent time with young Mohammedans in juvenile detention – to wit, Niccolai Sennels of Denmark, who as a result of his experience and observations made use of his commonsense and wrote a book called “Among Criminal Muslims”. Sennels pulls no punches; and his analysis and his conclusions would be very helpful for Mr Patruno.

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