Pakis, Anchor Babies & Dozy Bints

Australia: Immigration Dept Wises Up, Perhaps, to Campus Dawa and Marriage Jihad

By Christina McIntosh, as reported by Emily Piesse for the ABC today.  

“Perth  (Musel-)Man Kamran Ashraf Ordered to Return to Pakistan Before Birth of Second Child”.

That should be – “Perth-Resident Muslim Man Kamran Ashraf Ordered to Return to Pakistan Before Birth of Second Anchor-Baby” – CM

Rachael and Kamran Ashraf already have one son, Burhan.

“A Perth mother who is two months pregnant with her second child fears for her family’s future after her husband’s application for a partner visa was rejected.

Given the leniency and general cluelessness that normally prevails when our current Aussie administration and government  is dealing with members of the Mohammedan Mob, I find it telling that this application was rejected.  Perhaps discreet investigation has discovered something especially dodgy about this particular Pakistani Muslim male. – CM

Kamran Ashraf, 35, will be deported to Pakistan later this month after his request for a ministerial intervention was declined.

Good.  Excellent.  Stick to that line, Minister.  Give him the boot. We do not want his son by his foolish Australian convert-to-Islam dozy bint wife, nor any other child she may bear, to become an Australian equivalent of David Headley, who, son of a plausible and charming Pakistani Mohammedan visitor to the USA and a foolish American infidel female, grew up to become a player in the mass-murderous Muslim jihad raid upon Mumbai, India, in November 2008.  We do not want even one more mohammedan from any part of the dar al Islam, and certainly not from miserable Islam-crazed jihad-wracked jihad-fomenting Islamic Pakistan.  Pakistan, of whom V S Naipaul, in his book “Among the Believers”, in a chapter entitled “The Disorder of the Law”, writes as follows: “Step by step, out of its Islamic striving, Pakistan had undone the rule of law that it had inherited from the British, and had replaced it with nothing.”   Pakistan, summed up by the brilliant young scholar and Indophile David McCutchion, in a letter to a friend during the Pakistan-Bangladesh civil war of 1971-72, thus: “What do I think of it all?  Appalling… Pakistan should never have existed – It has cost more lives than the whole of the British Empire in 200 years.  What should I think of a culture that burns down the British Council library in Lahore because an English publisher printed a picture of Mahomet?  Fanaticism plus Machiavellianism plus brutality equals Islamic Pakistan”. – CM

“Mr Ashraf came to Western Australia as a student in 2009 (that is eight years ago; if he says he is 35 now – but who knows what his real age is? – then he was 27 then; so not an undergrad.  He must have been doing a Masters or a PhD. What was he studying and where and who was paying for it?   And how old is his wife? – CM) and met his wife, Rachael, who is from the Great Southern Town of Cranbrook, the following year.

‘The couple married in 2012 and Mr Ashraf applied for a partner visa, but was rejected by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in May 2014.

Thank goodness for that!  Incidentally: I would like to know not only the exact circumstances of the marriage – in particular, what her family thought of it – but also how old she is; and since, in the photo supplied along with the story, she is in hijab (though at least not in niqab or burka), I would also like to know exactly where and when she converted to Islam.  Before or after the marriage? And again I would like to know what her family think of that conversion. And I would dearly like to know whether her oh-so-charming Pakistani Muslim boyfriend, busy engaging in Campus Dawa and Marriage Jihad, or any of the other sweetly-smiling mohammedan cult members who no doubt poured on the charm when she came within their orbit, ever mentioned to her just one tiny, titchy little detail of her new ‘faith’, that is, the Apostasy Law of Islam.  That if in future she should decide she wants to unsay the Shahada, and become an Infidel again, she can’t... on pain of death.  “If anyone changes his religion, KILL HIM” (Mohammed, as reported by the authoritative Bukhari Hadith).  Or did they mention to her that under Islam her new husband has the right to divorce her just. like. that… talaq, talaq, talaq?  Or that he has the right, according to Islam (Quran 4.34) to thrash her, if he suspects her of harbouring rebellion (and that domestic violence is rife in Islamic Pakistan, far more so than in even the worst-affected Infidel country).  Or that, if they divorce, he will get sole and total custody of the children, once they pass early childhood? And that the children she bears will have, from the point of view of Islam, NO freedom of conscience: they are classified as Muslim from the day of their birth and if at some future point in their lives they wanted to leave Islam, they, too, could be liable to be killed, as apostates? Did anyone explain any of  these ‘fine print’ details to her, or to her parents, before she converted, or before she married, our greasily grinning Mr Ashraf? – CM

‘He unsuccessfully contested the decision in the Administrative Appeals Tribinual (AAT) before seeking a ministerial intervention, but was told last week that his request had been declined by Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Alex Hawke, on the grounds of public interest.

I wonder what the background checks discovered?  In any case, as a matter of general principles, it is not in the public interest that the number of Mohammedans within Australia should increase even by one.  Got Muslims? – Got Jihad. The more Muslims, the more Jihad.  – CM

‘The computer engineer, who works at Harvey Norman, must now leave Australia by March 16.

Out with him! – CM

Mrs Ashraf, 25 (Ah. She is ten years younger than him – assuming that he is 35, and not older.  They claim to have met in 2010, seven years ago.  Seven years ago she was… just eighteen years old.  Old enough, by Australian law, to marry, vote, and drink alcohol.  But probably far too young – and too comprehensively misinformed or disinformed or uninformed by those who should have warned and informed her – to realize that she was most likely being used as a means for a Muslim from Pakistan to get a permanent foothold in Australia and advance the presence and the power and the dominance of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob.  – CM) said she was worried for her unborn child, and the couple’s son Burhan, who is almost four.

“We’re hoping to maybe extend [Kamran’s] visa by a few weeks, so that he can come to one of the prenatal appointments, but he won’t be able to extend it for seven months, to see the baby born”, she said.

My dear Rachael, here’s my advice to you.  Divorce him.  Now.  Here.  As fast as you possibly can.  Where you can do it under Australian law, with all the protections it affords.  Australian law, that will give you custody of the children.  

Then, once divorced, do not permit this man to have joint custody of or access to the children – the one you have now or the one as yet unborn; because sooner or later, with or without you, he will flit with the children to Islamic Pakistan, and that will be the last you ever see of them. 

And: renounce Islam.  Wake up and realize that you have joined a Death Cult; the religion of blood and war. Wake up!  Get the hell out, now!  Do you want your children to become rapists, takers of slaves, beheaders, wife-beaters, honour murderers?  Do you want them to slit people’s throats and slice off heads whilst chanting allahu-akbar?  If you don’t, then the only way to be sure of that is to leave Islam.  Now.  

Let the Immigration Department put Mr Ashraf onto a plane to Pakistan, and bid him goodbye and good riddance.  Then re-embrace an Infidel identity (if necessary, find a good ‘cult deprogramming’ counsellor) and set about raising  your children as little Infidel Australians.  If your family’s background is nominally or actively Christian… get thee to church, and take those kids, and have them baptised!

But make sure that ASIO and the AFP know absolutely everything – everything! – about our dear Mr Ashraf that you have come to know or think you know, even the most apparently inconsequential little details.  Tell them how and where you met and where and when you converted to Islam (silly girl!).  Tell them what mosque he attends or attended.  Tell them everything you think you know about his family, and his friends, both in Pakistan, and here in Australia.  And.. ask them for protection, because once the Muslim Mob knows that you have left Islam you. will. be. in . danger. – CM

“They’ve asked us to apply for a visa when he’s overseas, and then to make proof that there’s a relationship”.

‘Mrs Ashraf, who requires frequent medical treatment for bipolar disorder and pancreatitis (Hm. Bipolar disorder.  I knew someone thus afflicted.  One aspect of bipolar disorder – if this diagnosis has been established by an Infidel Australian psychiatrist, and especially if the diagnosis was confirmed before her 18th year – is that in the ‘manic’ phase people with the disorder are prone to gross errors of judgement.  Did our foolish Rachael meet Mr Ashraf while she was in a ‘manic’ phase?  Or did she meet him whilst in a depressive phase, and extremely vulnerable to manipulation?  Trust a Mohammedan to zero in on the vulnerable. – CM) said she fears her family will not receive the health care they need if they leave Australia.

And why is that, my dear? Because Pakistan, crazed by Islam, is a chaotic dump. Pakistani is what Islam does to a nation and its peoples.  Pakistan is a great advertisement for Islam.. NOT.  To repeat, my advice is this: ditch Islam and Mr Ashraf, and remain – with your children – in pleasant, safe, well-run, orderly Infidel Australia, which is, in world terms, pleasant and orderly and well-run because it is run according to principles that are in every way different from and opposed to those of Islam. – CM

‘Her husband is also worried.  “If I’m not here, who will support her”, he said. “Who will pay the rent?”

Surely she has family? Friends? And you are forgetting Centrelink, which does make some provision for persons with a disability such as bipolar disorder (I know this, because I had a very good friend who suffered from that disorder), and for single mums with young children.  And there are, too, entities such as the Salvation Army.  Infidel Australia makes much better provision for women on their own, than does Islamic Pakistan.   We are not perfect, but we still do a fair job, and are always trying to improve. – CM

‘Mrs Ashraf said the department did not believe her relationship with Mr Ashraf – who had been married in Pakistan – was genuine.

Oho. “Mr Ashraf – who had been married in Pakistan…”.  So our dozy bint, Rachael, is the second wife? She could of course, for all we know, be the third or the fourth, or just the possession of the right hand.  What happened to the wife in Pakistan? Divorced? Dead (and under what circumstances)?  Or… still married to our oh-so-charming Mr Ashraf? – CM

‘Seh became pregnant not long after they were married, and their son was born nine weeks premature.

“We ended up getting divorced (a mosque divorce or an all-right-and-tight according-to-infidel-law Aussie divorce? – CM) because at the time it was just so stressful.  We needed that break”, Mrs Ashraf said.

‘They received marriage counselling (from whom? – from an Infidel Aussie marriage counsellor, or from some imam or other Muslim entity? – CM) and moved back in together in April last year, before legally marrying again in October.

Mosque or Aussie marriage celebrant?  Our reporter needs to do a lot more fact-checking on this case.- CM

‘However, the Tribunal was only able to consider evidence of their relationship up until its ruling in December 2015.

“The issue before the tribunal is whether the applicant and sponsor had a mutualcommitment to a genuine and continuing relationship to the exclusion of all others (I wonder whether that’s where the bit about Mr Ashraf’s having been – or still being? –  married in Pakistan, comes in; did the Aussie authorities manage to track down the Pakistani wife, or wives? was there only evidence of a Pakistani marriage but no record of a Pakistani divorce? – CM) at the time the application was lodged”, the AAT stated in 2015.

“After considering all the available evidence individually and cumulatively, the tribunal is not satisfied that at the time the application was lodged in September 2012 that the relationship was genuine and continuing, that there was a mutual commitment to the relationship to the exclusion of all others, that the applicant and sponsor provided companionship to each other or provided emotional support or saw the relationship as long term”, it said.

That clause, “to the exclusion of all others”, is, I suspect, the one particularly applicable to this case, and would have kicked in the instant that Aussie officialdom, doing its duty to protect the interests of an Australian citizen (our foolish convert-to-Islam, Rachael) discovered that Mr Ashraf had been – and still is? – already married, in Pakistan.  Did he ever mention that little fact to his Infidel girlfriend, either when first setting out to draw her in, or at any time afterward? I’d like to know whether she knew and if she did, when it was she found out, and how, precisely. The reporter does not confront them with that fact, nor ask any hard questions about it. – CM

‘On its website the Department of Immigration and Border Control states that, “Only a small number of all requests for ministerial intervention are successful”.

‘In a statement to the ABC, a department spokesperson said that ministerial intervention was not an extension of the visa process.

“A person is able to write to the minister and request intervention, however, the minister cannot be compelled to exercise his powers, and he is not required to explain his decisions on any case.

“The minister only intervenes in a relatively small number of cases which present unique and exceptional circumstances.”

Bye bye, Mr Ashraf.  Get on that plane. And don’t bother trying to come back. And “Mrs” Ashraf, as I have said: if you are worried about not having access to adequate health care in wretched Islamic Pakistan, then… stay put.  Divorce Mr Ashraf – properly, this time, and permanently – and divorce Allah and Mohammed, while you’re about it; and thank your lucky stars you were born in Australia, and make sure your children grow up Infidel.

Final thought.  It is high time that school libraries – and parish libraries – stocked up on copies of Rosemary Sookhdeo’s “Stepping Into the Shadows: Why Western Women Convert to Islam” and “Secrets Behind the Burka”, and dvds of Betty Mahmoudy’s “Not Without My Daughter” and Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Submission”, and Phyllis Chesler’s “My Afghan Captivity” and “An American Bride In Kabul”.   Then, too, there are the cautionary tales related by “Cassandra” in “Escape from an Arab (sic; Muslim – CM) Marriage” and “33 Secrets Arab Men Don’t Tell American Women” (which ought to be called, “33 Secrets Muslim Men Don’t Tell Infidel Women”).  All over the lands of the Infidels, parents and aunts and uncles and grandparents and friends and the young women and girls themselves need to be warned of the dangers presented by what our Hindu Indian neighbours refer to – sarcastically – as “Love Jihad”.   And those who see family members or friends or schoolmates or workmates or classmates showing an unhealthy fascination with Islam, and/ or with an oh-so-charming Muslim (or Muslimah!) need to find every opportunity to let that fascinated person know about the apostasy law, and ask them, point blank – Do you really want to join a cult that holds that anyone who tries to leave it must be killed? – CM

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