Age of Diversity: it is “critical the culture of the students be respected at all times’’


It’s all happening in Australia’s schools. Unfortunately very little of it is to do with education.

On Saturday night, the NSW Teachers Federation joined gay and lesbian revellers in Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras parade. “Teachers play a large part in instilling societal values in children, and as such aim to create environments where difference is valued and equality is promoted,” the Federation said of its participation.

“Difference is valued,” eh? Tell that to any kid who veers away from climate change orthodoxy, thinks Pauline Hanson isn’t entirely evil or believes stripping $1 billion every year from taxpayers to fund the ABC might not be the wisest budgetary investment.

“Teachers build equality in their everyday work by encouraging and participating in open discussions about fairness and justice, planning to ensure that teaching and learning is meaningful and relevant to everyone, and accepting other people and their backgrounds,” the Federation continued.

How about just, you know, teaching English and maths and stuff?

Speaking of “other people and their backgrounds”, the federal government is now funding a “forced marriage curriculum’’, following a reported surge in the number of girls as young as nine made to marry disgusting old men.

The government helped 18 girls escape forced marriages during the last financial year, which was three times more than in 2015. Typically, forced marriages are arranged by a girl’s parents. So you’d expect 36 charges for the parents involved, followed by 36 prison sentences and 36 deportations.

Well, that’s what you should expect. Instead, what you get is mostly dumb silence, especially from our usually-shouty feminist sisters and the virtue-signalling “I’ll Ride With You” Twitter cohort.

Apparently the forced marriage curriculum contains helpful instructions on what to do if you’re taken to an airport against your will, how to communicate behind the backs of parents trying to hook you up with 36-year-old cousin Mustapha back home in Pervertistan, where to get help to leave home and what to do if you’re followed.

More helpfully still, the curriculum provides priceless information about the idiocy and cowardice of the education sector. Teachers running forced marriage courses have been told it is “critical the culture of the students be respected at all times’’.

That would be the culture dragging them to airports and chasing them if they try to escape. Additionally, “staff need to ensure that no cultural, religious or ethnic group is singled out in any examples of the practice of forced marriage, and that any unfolding class discussions are free from judgments or stereotypes.”

Students capable of elemental reasoning will learn a great deal from this. Incidentally, were any representatives of a certain culture present on that Teachers Federation float on Saturday night?

Difference is valued, everybody.

Here, an informed comment by reader Graeme:

Funny how the feminists never talk about Rotheram or Cologne and seem to have no regard for the ‘diversity’ rape epidemic in Sweden. Any hard line feminists I know have three things in common they hate men especially white men, are all rich and will use the old misoginy line to get richer, and have no regard what so ever for the girls from the poorer suburbs who are being sexually abused or raped thanks to diversity.  Similarly the myth about women being paid less than men using stats that fail to take into account the basic fact that men work longer hours. I once asked one of the femi-nazis to show me an award or agreement that states men doing the same job as women are to be paid more, dumb silence because their argument is immediately shot down. The lefties have got their claws into education especially unis and that would explain why a lot of graduates know their rights but know little about what they are paid to do. 


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  1. It’s only racist or bigoted if it is directed against Islam. When Islam attacks western culture it is ignored. This cannot go on forever. “You can fool some of the people all of the time..”

  2. What Teachers actually teaching students! What drugs are some people on? Teachers are there to radicalise and brain wash our children into believing that parents are the devils of their creation, its OK to be every other sex than the one you were born, that being gay is a blessing and should be encouraged whether you are gay or not, being white is an abomination and whites are to blame for all the worlds problems, it is OK for you to beat and kill a female (As long as you are Muslim) otherwise it is barbaric, we should all encourage and understand the very people who given a chance would blow us up or behead us (Muslims) and that all religion is corrupt and baseless apart from Islam. Teachers have a long and distinguished mantra of doing everything else but teaching our children how to read, write and add up, of course these things are irrelevant compared to what they really teach our kids.

  3. Re: “Teachers running forced marriage courses have been told it is “critical the culture of the students be respected at all times’’.

    = complicit conspiracy in child-sex-slave trafficking.


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