Paris Airport Gun Snatcher Meets Virgins….

Paris Orly airport shooting: Gunman Muslim who shot at police was ‘radicalised Muslim on terror watchlist’

A man shot dead at a Paris airport after grabbing a soldier’s gunwas a “radicalised Muslim” on a terror watchlist, police say.

The man is believed to have shot at police officers during a road check in northern Paris on Saturday morning before heading to the airport.

One officer was hit in the face during the roadstop. The man then fled, threatening a motorist with a weapon to steal her car.

Police say that car was later found close to the Orly Airport.

Evacuation: Travellers wait outside the airport (AP)

Once at the airport, the same man is believed to have tried to snatch a weapon from a solider.

He took refuge in a shop before being shot by security.

A police source told Reuters: “A police road check took place in Stains (northern Paris) this morning at 7am.

“It turned bad and the individual shot at the officers before fleeing.

Lockdown: Armed police at the airport (EPA)

“This same man – a radicalised Muslim known to intelligence services and the justice system – then took a Famas (assault weapon) from a soldier at Orly’s southern terminal … before being shot dead by a soldier.”

The French defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said the man assaulted a patrol of three soldiers, all from the air force, including a woman.

Emergency: The man was shot after taking refuge in a shop (AFP/Getty Images)

He claimed the attacker wrestled the woman to the floor and tried to take her weapon, but she managed to keep hold of it.

The minister says the two other patrolmen opened fire “to protect her” and the public in the airport.

French national police say that only one man was involved in an attack on soldiers at Paris’ Orly airport and reports of a possible second attacker are false.

A national police official said that about 3,000 people were evacuated from Orly after the attack.

Passengers at the airport described gunshots and panic when a man was killed after seizing a weapon from a soldier guarding the site.

A witness identified only as Dominque said on BFM television: “The soldiers took aim at the man, who in turn pointed the gun he had seized at the two soldiers.”

Another man said three soldiers were targeted, and they tried to calm the man who seized the weapon. Then the man said he heard two gunshots.

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  1. I note that the ABC report made no mention of the fact that the offender was a Muslim and known to the authorities. Why am I not surprised?

  2. Hopefully, the bullets were made with pig fat denying him the happy ending he had hoped for.

  3. Oh, I see, just another “it had nothing to do with Islam” “human caused tragedy” “mischief by some folks” event …

    This is why simple firearms/military/police training simply isn’t enough. The jihadist was able to grab the gun (other reports said that he wasn’t able to take it away), but the soldier/ lady wasn’t able to do much about it. Yeah, Abdul is dead, but she’s lucky to be alive. This is why the martial arts training should be mandatory and ongoing. Firstly, had she been trained property, the mollusk would have never gotten his hands on the gun. But, even if he had, she would have been able to get it back and neutralize him at the same time. Train daily in martial arts and firearms combat.

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