Steyn: Deep and Deeper

The Deep State is real. Marc Steyn is onto it:

They can do you in any which way they like. They can plant kiddy porn in your computer and arrest you for it.

Deep State is the dirty arm of the NWO. It has taken over one hundred years to gain this much control over the US government.  The MSM is The Ministry of Truth, manufacturing all the daily truth you need to know. The One World Government is at our door step.  The  fake stream media spews bile against Trump and Putin because they are not playing their game.

From The Mark Steyn Show, here’s a SteynPost from a few weeks back musing on the supposedly non-existent Deep State as it sinks its tentacles deeper and deeper.

Please note: General Flynn’s work for the Turkish government was not known at the time this SteynPost was taped. Mark’s line on neo-Ottoman wannabe-caliph Erdogan is that of Boris Johnson’s prize-winning limerick, and he doesn’t understand how any self-respecting American could shill for the guy.

Click below to watch:
Its a bit of a long rant, but as always, the great Steyn hits all the right notes and connects the dots where few dare to go.

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  1. Time for Trump to utter his catch-phrase at the NSA, CIA, FBI (and all those activist “judges” for obstruction of justice, sedition) etc:


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