Turncoat denounces Hanson over Muslim comments

Turnbull ‘rejects’ Hanson’s Muslim comments
The PM says he 'utterly' rejects Senator Pauline Hanson's inflammatory comments about Muslims.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he ‘entirely’ rejects One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson’s derogatory comments about Muslims. (SKY News)

In an interview on Monday with Nine news, Ms Hanson questioned whether anyone could identify a ‘good Muslim.’

‘I believe there are some that want to live a good life and a quiet life,’ she said.

‘But you tell me – you line up a number of Muslims, who’s the good one?’

She also warned that Muslims are threatening other Australians.

‘They’ve built these mosques and they have their cars parked across the driveway or they have rubbish thrown over their fences.

‘Or they go and knock on their door because they won’t move out and threaten them. ‘Listen mate, you better take this suitcase full of cash and get out of here.’

What she says may be clumsy and uncouth, but she has a growing electorate that backs her up.

Mr Turnbull, who is in Jakarta attending the Indian Ocean Rim Association summit where counter-terrorism is being discussed, says Muslims were Australia’s best allies in the war against extremism.

‘The fact of the matter is the vast majority of Muslims in Australia are utterly appalled by extremists, by violent terrorists,’ he said.

That’s a lot of gibberish.

‘We have to remember that the vast majority of the victims of ISIL or Daesh are Muslims.’

The vast majority of the Russian revolution were Russians. The vast majority of mafia victims are mafiosi. The vast majority of Pol Pots stone-age communism were Cambodians.  This is meaningless drivel.

‘The vast majority of Australian Muslims are patriotic, hardworking, seeking to get ahead, committed to peacefully living in Australia and abiding by our laws.’

We have simply too many problems with Muslims. Turncoat  shouldn’t make such a blanket statement knowing it is wrong.

WA Premier Colin Barnett has told Sky News the comments are divisive but he still stands by his party’s preference deal with One Nation.

Barnett is a prostitute.

‘I think it’s a pragmatic decision,’ he said.

Sure. He would make a deal with communists or Muslims to hang on to power.

‘In the lower house, Liberal preferences go to the National party; the so-called deal is only in the upper house.’

I haven’t even met or talked to Pauline Hanson, I haven’t spoken to anyone in the One Nation party since I have been Premier to my knowledge.


And in no way do I endorse the policies of One Nation or their policies.’

Again, Barnett is a political prostitute. Everything is about his own survival, not about the country.

– See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/politics/federal/2017/03/07/turnbull–rejects–hanson-s-muslim-comments.html#sthash.j0LuPhMH.dpuf

7 thoughts on “Turncoat denounces Hanson over Muslim comments”

  1. Turnbull is utterly clueless regarding Islam. He has obviously learned nothing at his Iftar Dinners. Google : ‘How to stop Mosques; Q Society of Australia Inc. presents Gavin Boby.’ British Planning Lawyer, Gavin Boby, went through the various stages that Muslims always follow when they are taking over a geographical area, and forcing the existing inhabitants out. It begins with ‘Parking Jihad,’ (cars parked across driveways) and gradually ramps up. Then two Muslim men appear at the door carrying a plastic bag full of bank notes, announcing ‘We want to buy your house.’ Typically, the home owner refuses. The two men then say: ‘You are going to have to sell to us. No non-Muslim person will buy your house now.’ If the homeowner continues to refuse to sell, the persecution escalates: explosives in the letter box; poisoning of domestic pets; windows broken late at night. If things get to this stage, Boby always advises his clients to sell; ‘the area you loved has gone. forever There’s no point in staying.’ What Pauline Hanson said about Muslim intimidation to this fool of a reporter person at Channel 9 is 100% true and accurate – this same scenario is being played out by Muslim invaders in cities all over Europe. Turnbull has no clue either, and should never have been made Prime Minister.

  2. Purge … islam appeasers Globally
    Purge … islams Globally
    Purge … islam Globally
    • incarcerate the masters of the islam appeasing politicians.
    • incarcerate the islam appeasing politicians, political appointees and local councillors … assisting islam invade Australia.
    • jail the non-islam suicidal self-hater (aka Lefts/Marxists) islam assistors/appeasers who “demonstrate for islam”.
    • purge islam … Globally.
    • pulverise every mosque.
    • purge the non-islam criminal African Tribals (some are aka Sudanese).
    (Return Australia to be islam & Criminal African tribal FREE).

    (NB: ….includes The Traitor Malcolm Bligh Turnbull …
    the one born on 24 October 1954 and who is the 29th and current Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the Liberal Party …
    the bad imitation of ) !!!

    The Traitor Malcolm Bligh Turnbull and his political associates are STILL allowing islam immigration into Australia and STILL allowing islams to remain in Australia.

    1. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull walks and talks like a TRAITOR …
      Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he ‘entirely’ rejects One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson’s derogatory comments about Muslims” [sic]

      NB: Derogatory comments about islam are IMPOSSIBLE !!!

    2. STILL Malcolm Bligh Turnbull walks and talks like a TRAITOR …
      Mr Turnbull, who is in Jakarta attending the Indian Ocean Rim Association summit where counter-terrorism is being discussed, says Muslims were Australia’s best allies in the war against extremism“.

      Really Malcolm Bligh …
      How about …
      The three tenants of islam …
      (ie. the MASTER DEMANDS of islam)
      Every islam MUST …
      1. Convert ALL non-islams … to islam !
      2. Force a “Willing” Subjugation by of the book (Jews) non-islams … to islam !
      3. Kill ALL not “of the book (ie. Christians) non-islams who will not convert and kill ALL of the book (ie. Jews) non-islams who will not convert or be willingly subjugated … by islam !

      everyone else …
      ie every one who is non-islam, non-Christian and non Jew …
      just gets killed indiscriminately UNLESS they convert to islam.
      (ie Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Spiritism, Bahá’ím, Shinto, Cao Dai, Zoroastrianism etc) .. .
      It is in the Qur’an !!!

      So up yours Malcolm Bligh !!!

  3. Turnbull is trying to apropriate Pauline’s gumption because he’s all washed up!

  4. I hope in the next elections, Australians throw out clueless guys like him and elect Pauline Hanson.

  5. Yes, Point Piper is far removed from Punchbowl, Merrylands, Yagoona and Lakemba. Our pampered politicians live in a world far removed from the multicultural hellhole forced on the majority of us. Turnbull’s wife, although on Clover Moore’s heritage committee, didn’t know that
    Haberfield had heritage houses; she had never been there.

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