Convert or die, says Shia leader to Iraqi Christians

Sunni or shiite, what difference does it make? They all work from the same playbook, the Qur’an. Both share the same genocidal ideology. Sheikh Alaa al-Moussawi is at least honest about what Islam teaches and can’t wait to make it happen.

The head of Iraq’s Shia Waqf, Sheikh Alaa al-Moussawi, described Christians as “infidels and polytheists” and stressed the need for “jihad” against them.
Many have accused al-Moussawi of imitating Islamic State rhetoric

Dozens of Iraqi Christian families filed a lawsuit against the head of the Iraq’s Shia Waqf (Iraqi Shia Endowment Fund), Sheikh Alaa al-Moussawi, on charges of incitement against Christians.

Al-Moussawi, who is in charge of the body which maintains all of the Shia holy sites, including mosques, Huseiniyas and schools, sparked anger as he declared Christians to be “infidels” during a speech in southern Iraq, according to local media.

Al-Moussawi, described the Christians as “infidels and polytheists” and stressed the need for “jihad” against them.

Many have accused him of imitating the rhetoric of Islamic State (IS) militants by stating Iraqi Christians must either convert to Shia Islam, pay a religious tax known as a jizya tax, or be killed.

An Iraqi judicial source told The New Arab that 180 Christian families filed a lawsuit under grounds that he is “instigating incitement against Christians and disturbing the religious plurality of Iraq”.

Al-Moussawi has responded by sending a delegation from the Waqf to the Babylonian Christian Movement to mediate the lawsuit and the allegations that his comments have mirrored IS rhetoric.


I am sick to death of the Left. Sick to death of any adult human being on this planet who supports Islam in any way, shape, or form. Those who do support it, whether by being a Muslim or literally anyone else on the planet who drones the same old tired lies of ‘Islam is the religion of the peace, Islam is the MOST feminist religion etc etc’ are not humane. They are not decent or kind, honest or faithful, modest or fair. They do not have any of the basic inherent human traits that the entire civilized world (not just the West) holds as the basic tenets of what a ‘good human being’ is.

I say this, because despite all of the proof in front of them, they lie, they deceive, they display cowardice, hatred, discrimination and support for great misery, tremendous suffering, of instilling mind bending fear in innocent’s and in the slaughter of massive numbers of people.

Islam is very, very clear on its objective’s as an all encompassing religious, cultural and political doctrine/system and it is very, very clear on the attitude and behaviours that it expects from its followers. You only need to reach out and read it for yourself. The Quran. The Hadith’s. The Sura’s.

Muslims believe the Quran to be the ‘perfect and unalterable word of God’. That is a quote. Muslims consider the Quran to be a guide, a sign of the prophethood of Muhammad and the truth of the religion. It is based on the supposed revelations that Mohammed received from Allah via his messenger, the angel Gabriel over a period of 23 years. It was passed down verbally from Mohammed to his companions as Mohammed was illiterate and innumerate and soon after his death,it was recorded for the first time, with the companion’s having memorized parts of revelations during the life of Mohammed. Muslims believe that no human speech can match the Quran and that its an inimitable miracle by Muslims and as a result, proof granted to Mohammed that he is an authentic Prophet. Respect for the text of the Quran is an extremely vital part of the Islamic faith for Muslims,with the Quran being treated with utter reverence.

The Hadith is an account of the life of Mohammed. A biography essentially. This is a retelling, an account of the life of Mohammed and it is extremely important to Islam, considered second only in importance, to the Quran in forming Islamic jurisprudence. Its thought of as a very important tool in which understanding the Quran and contains some of the most important Islamic traditions within it. This too, is based on verbal reports. Although where the Quran was written down pretty quickly after Mohammed died – the Hadith and its collection of texts, were not formulated for one to two hundred years AFTER Mohammed’s death and were collated and recorded down by Muslims who lived well over 1000km away from where Mohammed lived and died. This is where the strains of Islam start to splinter off. The Shiite, the Sunni and the other sects of Islam, all refer to different specific written versions of the Hadith as to the justification for their own personal brand of Islam. Since Muslims consider the Hadith to be an account of Mohammed’s life – and they consider Mohammed to be a man who is to be held up as the perfect man, emulating him via his actions, deeds, words and behaviour’s as recorded in the Hadith, form the basis for much of the identifying traits, characteristics and belief’s that we see from Muslims around the world.

The Sira’s. These are not to be confused with the Sura’s. Sura is simply the Arabic word to denote the Chapter’s within the Quran. The Sira’s are a series of biographies based on Mohammed, that are in addition to and separate from the Hadith (or the Quran, for that matter) athough are essentially, just more of the same, from different writers throughout the ages since Islam’s creation. They are often referred to as ‘prophetic biographies’. They are referred to as ‘maghazi’ which is english translates to ‘stories of military expeditions’ and are thus considered as advice and guidance on how to deal with non-Muslims and refer to the rules of war. They are venerated by Muslims as historical retellings of the war campaigns committed by Mohammed and his companions as they spread Islam throughout its expansionist years. Over time, they evolved and also now are considered to be a mix of genre’s including stories of prophetic miracles, proofs of Mohammed’s prophethood, stories of merit and the faults of certain individual companions of Mohammed, of his enemies and other contemporaries of Mohammed.

These 3 elements of the written word that are relied upon, in Islam are very, very clear as to Islam’s objective’s and its expectations of Muslims. They teach of violence, of hatred, of discrimination. They teach of murder, rape, robbery and terrorism. It is all there to see, as plain as day. You only have to reach out and read it for yourself.

Then you have the Imam’s. These are essentially, the Islamic version of Priests. The religious leader’s of Islam. They teach Islam and its objective’s and expectations. You have only to listen to what they are saying. You have only to view or read transcripts of their semons and you will see and hear, plain as day, not only what is the truth of Islam, but what Muslims today, are being told, advised and instructed as a part of their faith. Remembering that while a Christian priest will instruct and advise his or her flock of Christians on elements of Christianity and the Bible from the pulpit, for which the Christian is expected to take under advisement and apply with their own rational thinking to their individual live’s and behaviours – the Imam instead provides orders and commands that the Muslim is required to follow and obey without pause or variation.

The truth is there. So when I hear or read or see someone, whether they be Muslim or otherwise, say anything about Islam other than the pure truth – I am sickened. It is all lies. It is deception. It is at times, wilful ignorance. And the dangerous part is that the consequences of lying about this or at choosing to pretend it doesn’t exist means that innocent people will suffer and will be slaughtered without mercy. Islam and its teachings ARE NOT allegorical like modern day Christianity. When we import Muslims into the civilized world (including the West) we are importing death. We are importing fear. We are importing Islam. And it is not, has never been and WILL NEVER BE a religion that can be compared to any other mainstream religion, nor will it ever be altered or reformed. Remember, it is the perfect and unalterable word of God and its very name means submission. The only option with Islam is to submit and obey it wholeheartedly, without reservation and without limitation.

So it doesn’t matter if its a Sunni,or a Shiite or any other sect. It doesn’t matter what nation the Muslim is from originally, it doesn’t matter what lies they are willing to sprout in order to deceive us – Islam is Islam is Islam. And Islam isn’t hiding the truth. The Imam’s aren’t hiding the truth. Its all there to see, read and hear yourselves. The only people lying about the truth of Islam are the Left and are those Muslims who are given full authority, directly from Islam itself, to openly lie and deceive (it is called tacquiya) in order to advance the aims and goals of Islam.

What this Imam here is saying – that Iraqi Christians must convert or die – that is nothing more than pure, classic Islam. And it happens everywhere in the world, once Muslims gain a significant enough percentage of the population in order to effect change. Once they become a big enough majority – Islam’s true colours shine through. This is what will happen to the West is we keep letting them in. Islam instructs its follower’s to faithfully carry out the objective of forcing the entire human race to submit to Islam.

Why is this so shocking to so many people? This is how Islam has been since its inception. This is how Islam has behaved since day one. This is why we had the Crusade’s. To try and desperately repel the Muslim horde’s who were so very close to overrunning Western Europe in the middle ages. The only surprising thing here, is that there is such a large number of Westerner’s who are seemingly willing to forget history and either lie, or pretend that there is not a risk to us, from Islam. Despite the fact we are in the new millennium, we are still absolutely faced with the very real threat of religious war. Those in the civilized world who are not honest about the threat that Islam presents to us all, are at best, Quisling’s. History will judge them like we judge the Nazi’s today. I wonder if that is the legacy that the Left wish to leave behind?

I apologize for such a long and detailed comment. But this is a very complex issue and we are seeing so many lies and so much deception and ignorance – and the penalties of this are horrendous. We have to wake up. We have to start seeing the truth. Don’t take my word for it. Do the research yourself. I implore you – just READ these texts. Listen to those sermons. You will see.

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  1. Ever wondered why our non-islam “Authorities” continue to aid and abet the islam (“allah’s” curse) invasion of our Western Civilisation !!!
    (they our non-islam “Authorities” range from the Prime Minister’s “masters” (who are definitely not us) down to our local government councillors (who are definitely not our servants of the people))

    They (our non-islam “Authorities“) do know what they are doing … and need to be STOPPED !!!

    So …
    ask yourself …
    why are they (our non-islam “Authorities“) doing it !!!
    (because the “peaceful” islams (“allah’s” vermin) will purge then at the very first convenient opportunity … and it will be painful … but Malcolm BlighT and his ilk (past and present) surely deserve what they are going to be gifted from islam (“allah’s” curse) )

    We know they (our non-islam “Authorities“) are TRAITORS ….
    because …
    the islams (“allah’s” vermin) are STILL here and consolidating !!!

  2. So all the sacrifice of the soldiers who were killed or injured in Iraq has led to this. At least under Saddam Hussein Christians were left alone. Why is the same zeal not shown against Muslim regimes that are just as repressive as Saddam’s? The real weapon of mass destruction is Islam migration. You think Sarin gas is dangerous? You ain’t seen nothing yet. The real terror is not the odd violent attack, as horrible as they may be. The real terror will come when Islam takes over a formerly democratic country such as Germany, France or England. Then the insanity will end and the truth about Islam will be plain to see. No doubt some will be saying, “This is not the real Islam” even as they are being executed for some indiscretion, such as not being a Muslim. Many others will convert just to save their skins, thus achieving Islam’s aims.
    It all looks hopeless. But every despotic regime has fallen over the thousands of years of human history. Islam too will fall. The question is how much suffering must be endured before it’s over.

    1. There’s plenty more suffering to be tolerated in Europe. Meaningful fight-back might only occur when they are well and truly cornered and have no more left to lose. By then, though, it might be too late.

  3. How about this piece of Islamic shite converts to Christianity and bathes in the light of the lord instead of that war mongering desert dwelling pedophile that they wrap there arms around.
    Hypocrisy thy name is Islam.

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