Genius: $321million to fight terror but not the ideology

$321 MILLION of our dollars to fight the “peaceful religion”

Wouldn’t it be cheaper not to import them in the first place?

Importing Mohammedan’s is proving very costly.
Let’s see if any of the dummies running our country can connect the dots.
It goes something like this. “More islam, more terror……’

AFP given an extra $321million to fight terror
The Australian Federal Police will receive an extra $321 million in this year’s federal budget to step up the fight against terrorism, criminal gangs and drug rings.–AFP given an extra $321million to fight terror
But no one is fighting: they’re all just caving in:
Rateb Jneid
Rateb Jneid

The Grand Mufti won’t speak English and initially blamed the West for the “causative factors” to the Paris massacre by Islamist terrorists.

Now joining him as our top Muslim representatives:

AUSTRALIA’S troubled peak Muslim body, the Australian Federation Of Islamic Councils, has replaced controversial Muslim leader Keysar Trad with a man who recently faced gun charges and who has two brothers serving long sentences for supplying drugs.

The new AFIC president, West Australian Dr Rateb Jneid, was fined $300 and given a spent conviction for inadequate firearms storage in 2014, after police raids on properties as part of the investigation into Dr Jneid’s brothers found a locked firearms cabinet containing firearms and ammunition that was not bolted to the floor or wall.

His brothers, Rabih and Ziad Jneid, were jailed for 14½ and 15 years last year for supplying almost 3kg of methylamphetamine.

Mr Trad was only elected president of the AFIC last August, after members of the previous executive stood down following claims of maladministration around school funding, with questions around the use of Commonwealth funding leading to the Malek Fahd Islamic School in Western Sydney losing $19 million worth of federal government grants…

Dr Jneid did not respond to requests for comment.

Then there’s the head of the Australian National Imam’s Council:

[Sheik] Shady in his online sermons has attacked Jews, called on God to help “destroy the enemies of Islam”, declared the punishment for adulterers “is stoning to death”, damned Christmas parties as “worship of Satan”, declared the Australian Government is oppressing Muslims and accused gays of “spreading all these diseases” through “evil actions that bring evil outcomes to our society”.

Who can blame Australians for being “Islamophobic” if these men are the top Muslim leaders in Australia?


Don’t expect the ABC to cause Jneid any trouble.

3 thoughts on “Genius: $321million to fight terror but not the ideology”

  1. Meanwhile the Saudis are spending $billions to build jihad recruitment centres and bases AKA mosques all over the western world including Australia.

  2. The money should be spent repatriating Muslims, not on security.
    I’d like to see a “cost/benefit” analysis of Islam’s “contribution” to Australian culture. My initial estimate is as follows:
    Contribution – <0. I challenge anyone to provide any evidence of a contribution to Australia that is unique to Islam
    Cost – incalculable but includes the following. Cultural apartheid (Islam considers non-Muslims as inferior), a religious based crime wave (aka "Middle East Crime gangs), a deceived public who cannot see what goes on under their noses and the taxpayer funded social security benefits sucked in by Muslims.

    We pay for their illegal wives. They sponge off us because many are unemployable. They plot against us at the same time. If Islam was a business, it would be declared fraudulent. If it was a country, war would have been declared and the country subdued. If it were a philosophy it would have been declared as outdated and irrelevant as National Socialism and prevented from being promulgated. Islam makes any other totalitarian regime look progressive but the world does not see the reality. How stupid can people get? The Western world is facilitating its own destruction.

  3. How is this surprising?! Their motto is still:

    “There’s No Money In Solutions!” (So:)
    “Please Give Generously – AGAIN!”


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