Mohammedan insolence, hijabbery & “Aussie kids”

Student refuses to remove cap unless Muslim women remove their headscarves –
A STUDENT asked not to wear her cap in Bromley College says she won’t agree unless Muslim women remove their headdresses as well. –DAILYEB.COM
Who in his right mind would call the brood of Mohammedan headchoppers “Aussie kids?”
Aussie kids at risk in Raqqa
The battle to retake Islamic State’s self-declared capital of Raqqa will be a bloody, house-to-house fight that could claim thousands of civilian lives, includ­ing those of dozens of Australi­an children thought to be caught in the conflict zone.
Tommy Robinson’s BANNED speech: “The British Police State”

Tommy Robinson of was barred from giving this speech five times by various universities. It’s about his experiences in “the British police state.”– thanks to Vlad Tepes

More here. The comments are interesting.

Student Shares Video Critical Of Islam, Gets Fired From College Newspaper
College campuses are on the forefront of this totalitarian movement. |BY PAMELA GELLER
8 UAE princesses stand trial in Belgium for ‘continually abusing’ servants
Eight princesses from the United Arab Emirates who brought their servants to Belgium and “abused them continually” have gone on trial.–RT.COM
Yassmin Abdel-Magied: How to make enemies and enrage people
You can disagree with her ‘disrespectful’ Anzac Day comment, but sacking her from ABC TV would prove just how thin-skinned we’ve become.
No. Its not about “how think skinned we have become”. Its about taking a stand against Mohammedan insolence, subversion and Islamic supremacy.

2 thoughts on “Mohammedan insolence, hijabbery & “Aussie kids””

  1. Tommy will forever be seen as a true patriot and defender of freedom. He is my modern day hero a giant of a man with a heart as true as a British Lion.

    When the world burns and it’s time for payback the ones that have made his life a misery will be called to account.

    Be warned Quislings the time is coming.

  2. 8 UAE Princesses to stand trial in Belgium? How was this allowed to happen, in the land of the kaffur? I’m surprised the eight women weren’t appointed UAE ambassadors straight off, followed by a quick claim for diplomatic immunity

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