No evidence? Devout Muslims are roaming our streets….

“No evidence?”. Really.

There will never be any evidence with a dunce like  chief Duncan Lewis heading ASIO. Australia obviously has too many dunces in positions where they have no place to be. 

Deadly Islamic extremists are roaming our streets

Devout Muslims are roaming our streets


Australian authorities lack enough evidence to lock potentially deadly Islamic extremists behind bars, and instead they free to roam our streets after fighting in Syria and Iraq.

News Corp reports that more than 40 people have returned to Australia from war zones within the past five years, but authorities have only prosecuted two foreign fighters.

One is believed to have been charged over fighting with al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra last year, while the second person was prosecuted on December 22. The details surrounding the case are unknown.

Though Attorney-General George Brandis has not confirmed this.

Authorities say it’s difficult to gather evidence from Syrian or Iraqi counterparts.

Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Counter Terrorism Policy Centre head Jacinta Carroll said the Australian public is concerned about returning fighters, but authorities are struggling to obtain evidence against them.

“The Australian public is rightly concerned about returning fighters, but it’s very challenging to get evidence sufficient for a prosecution when someone is engaged in a conflict zone in areas that are controlled by terrorists,” Ms Carroll said.

“It’s very concerning. There’s a continuing ongoing grave terror threat to Australia. While our intelligence and police do everything they can to monitor those people, it’s resource-intensive to do so.”

Mr Brandis told News Corp all individuals returning to Australia from conflict zone are assessed for the level of risk they pose to the community.

“Any person who has been determined to have been fighting in the conflict, to have been a member of a terrorist group or to have been in a declared area will face the full extent of the law,” he added.

To combat this, a new law which allows authorities to charge a person over visiting a declared terrorist zone – even if there’s no evidence they were involved in hostile activity – has reportedly been introduced.

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4 thoughts on “No evidence? Devout Muslims are roaming our streets….”

  1. As Waleed Aly and other celebrated Muslims told us, there is no evidence to suggest returning jihadees would pose a threat. Aly also said it would be a blessing because they would expose Isis in a bad light. This is contrary to the findings of studies conducted in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.
    For all the government’s grandstanding; they have done nothing. Perhaps Lewis and the government’s advisary panel are the pampered few who get invited to government house for their iftar feast.
    In a country that can lock you up for non payment of parking fines, riding a bicycle without a helmet and a police force that will gladly taser people who have a psychotic episode, the government’s inaction is indeed frightening and strange.

    1. “Aly also said it would be a blessing because they would expose Isis in a bad light.

      He really said that? Does he think we couldn’t have figured it out for ourselves that Isis are some of the biggest scumbags that humanity has ever produced – without having some of them return to our shores?

  2. Unfortunately these islams (“allah’s” vermin) will be murdering innocent and defenseless non-islam Australians …
    not the Treasonous politicians, political appointees, local government councilors and suicidal self-hating “leftoids” who allow and support islams (“allah’s” vermin) into and remaining in Australia …
    The islams (“allah’s” vermin) will get to them later !!!

    How to fix this situation …
    “incarcerate” our current crop of islam appeaser “authorities” (aka “allah’s” slaves)
    (NOT amazingly … this could include your local/state/federal member)
    Purge the islams (aka “allah’s” vermin)
    Purge islam (aka “allah’s” curse)
    Burn every Qur’an (aka “allah’s” crime manual)
    Pulverise every Mosque (aka “allah’s” forts/barracks)
    Purge the non-islam criminal African Tribals (some are aka Sudanese) …
    here there and everywhere in Australia !!!
    (Return Australia … to be islam appeaser, islam and Criminal African tribals FREE)

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