“Toxic Masculinity” seems to be the latest buzzword in the fever swamps of the extreme left:

Leftist Media Outlet Attacks Marines on Memorial Day over ‘Toxic Masculinity’ 

We’ve had many attempts to deny Islamic terrorism is, well, Islamic terrorism. It’s been described instead as merely extremist terrorism,  or mental illness or even non-Muslim terrorism.

Janey Stephensen, a “policy researcher who specialises in gender-based violence” writing in the Independent, tries another:

We need to name the real culprit: toxic masculinity.

Really? Then why are so many of these toxic males shouting “Allahu akbar” as they slaughter the innocent?

Strange coincidence, no?

But Stephenson ploughs on:

As the attacks mount up, the individual profiling descends into morbid freefall and we overlook the most basic commonality: these crimes were all committed by men.

Er, actually no. For instance:

Moderator David Bedein, whose Center for Near East Policy Research was a co-sponsor of the event, showed clips taken several years ago of interviews with Palestinian female would-be suicide bombers who had survived, been treated in Israeli hospitals and incarcerated. At the time of the interviews, there were more than a hundred such women, said Bedein….

In the interviews, the women expressed no remorse or regret. They had felt blessed just before embarking on their missions, because they were about to meet Allah and would see the martyrs in paradise.


Islamic State is using increasing numbers of women to evade security measures and spearhead a wave of attacks across Europe and the Islamic world…

Since August, a series of plots involving women have been uncovered by security authorities in Europe and north Africa… A plot in Paris in September, involving four women aged between 19 and 39, received significant media coverage. The cell, organised by a known Isis militant in France, was the first to be entirely female…

​But a series of other plots around the world, which involve women playing “combat” roles, received less attention. In August, Isis was reported to have deployed at least one female suicide bomber in Libya, while last month 10 alleged female attackers were arrested in Morocco. All were in their teens, had sworn allegiance to Isis, and were in possession of bomb-making material, ​officials said…

Palestinian groups have used women suicide attackers. So, too, have organisations in central Asia and the Caucasus…. Al-Qaida’s own affiliate in Iraq deployed a female suicide bomber in 2005 to attack a hotel in Amman, Jordan.

But Stephenson will not be deterred. The enemy is men:

… typical masculinity promotes emotional disconnection… We need to acknowledge that hateful, toxic masculinity is bred among us in the everyday. We need to start pulling apart and dismantling its roots in male entitlement and structures that promote masculine supremacy.

Note that Stephenson’s solution to fighting jihadism is to attack men at home and remake the “structures that promote masculine supremacy”, which is hardly like to deter a suicide bomber flying in from Libya.

In fact, it is precisely those men at home most likely to protect Stephenson that she considers her enemies:

Toxic masculinity exists on political levels: in policing, prisons, immigration detention centres and controlling security measures…. soldiers are paid mass murderers.

As Kipling said: “Making mock of uniforms that guard you while you sleep.”

Here is a thought for Stephenson, so desperate to blame men as the source of all evil. Every single one of the terrorists was born to a woman and raised by a woman.

Did women teach them to hate and to kill?

Toxic mothers. Discuss.

ASIO’s insult to the intelligence of Muslims

Andrew Urban Spectator Australia 28 May 2017

It’s an insult to the intelligence of Muslims, frankly to all of us, to keep claiming that terrorism today is not linked to Muslim migration, as the ASIO Director General, Duncan Lewis did, in a Senate hearing at the end of last week. As several other public figures have in the past, not least the Prime Minister, the scramble away from this hard fact on the grounds of appeasing the Muslim community is not only transparent and disingenuous, it is rather infantile.

The Muslim community – all its many and varied groups, from the law abiding, peaceful majority to the Koran-quoting agitators and ideological thugs – know full well the reality. That respectable majority, from whose ranks comes some useful insider information that can help ASIO and other security agencies, is going to be stumped by this sort of public statement. It disrespects them and makes a mockery of their assistance, for starters. Does Mr Lewis really think he earns respect and loyalty from the Muslims cooperating with his agency by lying – and lying so brazenly? Or from the general public, whose tolerance for dissembling on this topic has been all used up.

He doesn’t help public confidence in ASIO by adding further dissembling. When asked by Senator Pauline Hanson if he could confirm that the four terrorist attacks and the 12 foiled on Australian soil were “committed by Muslims” he replied: “Certainly of the 12 thwarted attacks, one of those indeed involved a right-wing extremist, so, the answer is ‘no’, they have not always been carried out by Muslims.” Yes, Pauline, stop exaggerating. Only 11 of the 12 were carried out by Muslims.

ASIO is doing a great job and if Mr Duncan wants to maintain good relations with those members of the Muslim community who help protect our security he’d be better advised to say ‘thanks for your help’. It’s a much better message in every respect.

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6 thoughts on “The latest idiocy: THE TERRORIST ISN’T MUSLIM, JUST MALE”

  1. I don’t suppose that we’ve heard it all, but this is truly a gem. I realise that locking nutters up in asylums is no loner fashionable. I think we should seriously reconsider. How do these people get a platform?

  2. In regards to the first part of this post:

    In a sense she is correct.

    What is incorrect is to interpret the situation using Western either/or binary logic. The jihadist was enforcing Sharia Law whereby females not in a tent, and certainly not dressed in the style of these pop-princesses going back to Britney Spears, are not to be seen in public.

    They broke Sharia Law so suffered the penalty.

    This is exactly the same as the Saudi schoolgirls seeking to escape the fire destroying their school were forced back inside to their deaths by the Saudi religious police rather than being allowed to escape with their faces uncovered, lest Muslim males catch sight of them and be sent into fits of lust.

    Islam is a political ideology which provides legitimate forms of expression of all forms of dysfunctional male psychological rage, the main rule being that it is permitted if channeled against the infidel.

    1. “They broke Sharia Law so suffered the penalty.”

      Sharia is not law.

      But, thanks for the explanation, you know, because we need more intellectualized explanations of blood lust.

      1. Pray Hard your comment reflects the western binary logic which does not deal with the arab and Islamic mindset. Bill Warner writes extensively on this and his site will be instructive. In brief you assume that one can only have one law and only western secular law applies in the UK.

        Who says? Western constitutions? Secular authorities? Yourself? Of what significance is that for fundamentalist Muslims when Allah has decreed it to be the law. A big fat zero.

        Fundamentalist Muslims not only believe Sharia is the Law but that they are the ones to implement and enforce it. They will not wait until western secular authorities will do so. Muslims can see the authorities are weak and will not resist them. And they are right as the UK authorities while not resisting the imposition of Sharia or the political expression of that aim actually use the law enforcement agencies to enforce Sharia by the witch hunt against people who dare resist Poltical Islam.

        Visit Bill Warner’s Political Islam to learn about Islamic Dual Logic.

  3. Muhammad abd’Allah, islam’s founder, was the most toxic male to ever live – and this is why feminazis are so scared of him that they even today willingly help his descendants conquer them by emasculating the only males left who would stop his gang!

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