Wally rubs it

It irks me that Price doesn’t put Wally in his place. Its not ‘refugees’, ‘criminals’ or just ‘men’ that are blowing us up, it is devout Muslims who are waging jihad in the name of allah. What is it that stops him from saying it?

Waleed the apologist
Waleed the apologist


I have long warned that Waleed Aly, despite his charm (not evident here), is an apologist for Islam who attacks critics of Islamist extremists, thus providing cover for them. Watch his latest astonishing performance.

The panel and @StevePriceMedia discuss the head of ASIO’s comments regarding refugees and terrorism.

Mosque Calls for the Death of All Jews and Christians

Memo to Wally: Islamic terrorism is not caused by refugees, criminals or just “men”, it is caused by devout Muslims.

Tony Abbott says we should stop ‘making excuses’ for Muslims
The former Prime Minister wrote an article for the Daily Telegraph.

3 thoughts on “Wally rubs it”

  1. Walleed Aly is from the same taquiyya planet as the TV Muslim sitcom propaganda spot “Here Come the Habibs. All for general consumption by lazy drones who have shrivelled critical thinking ability. No need to examine the koran, Waleed’s the definitive representative of peace loving and affable Islam.

    Matthew 7:15 “Watch out for false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are voracious wolves”.

  2. I wonder how far along it will be when the next mass murdering rampage caused by muslims (as they always are) gets Wally to make the admission that islam just might have the tiniest of problems.

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