Who wants to blow up Tony Jones Q&A?

Manchester bomb should’ve been exploded on ABC’s Q&A, Quadrant’s Roger Franklin says

Love it! Who would be more deserving than the sick and unhinged panelists on Tony Jones Q&A and his extreme left audience?

ABC demands removal of article after Roger Franklin says ‘if there had been a shred of justice that blast would have detonated in an Ultimo TV studio’ on Monday. (The Quadrant article is here)

Virtue signaling snowflakes and SJW of Oz are  triggered,  going apeshit.


Only on the ABC. The night before the Manchester massacre, Q&A panellists agreed Islamist terrorism was really no problem.  Mona Chalabi. “The chance of being killed by a foreign-born terrorist is one in 3.6 million.” Lawrence Krauss: “You’re more likely to be killed by a refrigerator, in the United States, falling on you.” False, but unchallenged.

Q&A host Tony Jones
warmist Lawrence Krauss last night explained on Q&A why refrigerators are more dangerous than Islamic terror, an obscene absurdity compere Tony Jones allowed to go unchallenged.
The online editor of conservative publication Quadrant wrote that the Manchester bomb should have exploded on ABC’s Q&A, and the show’s host Tony Jones and his panel should have been killed. Photograph: ABC TV

The online editor of conservative publication Quadrant has said it would have been preferable for the Manchester bomb to be exploded in the ABC’s Q&A studios on Monday night, blowing up host Tony Jones and the panellists.

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The Manchester Bomber’s ABC Pals

Junketeering warmist Lawrence Krauss last night explained on Q&A why refrigerators are more dangerous than Islamic terror, an obscene absurdity compere Tony Jones allowed to go unchallenged. That was last night. This morning, with nary a fridge in sight, the slaughter in Manchester

manchester missing girl IIDid you endure Q&A, stick with Monday’s show until near the very end? It’s always difficult, what with Tony Jones’ tactical interruptions and the inevitable stacking of panel and audience – although last night’s presentation didn’t even bother with the pretense of ‘balance’. Unless you count The Australian’s Niki Savva as a PR operative for Malcolm Turnbull, which you should, every invited voice was a smug simper straight from the green-left heart of ABC luvviedom: the imminent peril of climate change, Australia’s vile racism, nuclear war, the cretinous absurdity of religious belief, Donald Trump as an evil four-year-old, puppetmaster Putin and his White House marionette ….

Even by Q&A’s standards it was a full-court press of approved opinions, which is why Jones needed to interrupt only a handful of times. With no conservative on the panel, the compere could relax, dig the vibe, bask in likeminded company, allow the flow of virtuous clichés to proceed without the disruptions he brings to bear whenever an ideologically unsound guest is poised to make a salient point.

So cosy was Q&A‘s groupthink gathering that, with just a few minutes to go, compere and guests felt emboldened to address Islamic terror without the de rigeur qualifications that customarily follow every latest scraping of body parts off footpaths and buses — or,  this very morning, mopping the blood and flesh off the concourse of a Manchester concert venue where at least 19 blameless humans have been shredded. According to preliminary reports many of the victims were teenage girls no older than Aisha, Mohammad’s beloved child bride.

Jones would have needed to stick his bib in had there been a conservative on hand, someone prepared to hazard the audience’s jeers by saying, ‘Look, as a political system dressed as a religion, Islam blows up infidels because, one way or another – breeding or bombs – its adherents are fully confident their system will subsume ours.” Instead, untroubled by the annoyance of a naysaying voice, the panel did what luvvies do best: traded the noxious nostrums that are their craven stock-in-trade, the rationales and “explanations” that demonstrate, at least to their own satisfaction, why they are so much sharper than those who regard dismembered 13-year-olds as cause for concern.

Here’s the Guardian’s Mona Chalabi. If you can stomach the video, she flings her faux pearls before the Islamophobes and swinish hoi polloi  at the show’s 56-minute mark (emphasis added):

…actually, the threat of Islamic fundamentalism, if you want to view it in terms of number of dead bodies, which, as awful as it sounds, is the way to kind of make sense of some threat, actually, really, isn’t that present…

… the chance of being killed by a foreign-born terrorist is one in 3.6 million … but all of our perception of threat has been distorted because of the way that risk is presented to us by politicians.

A smug stick insect and tireless self-promoter, fellow guest Lawrence Krauss, the warmist shill who has the gall to present himself as a man of science, couldn’t resist the temptation to demonstrate a nuanced acuity. Below are his actual words, reproduced verbatim. Try not to throw up.

You’re more likely to be killed by a refrigerator, in the United States, falling on you.

If you need to read this loathsome creature’s glib sophistry once more, just to grasp the full breadth of its breathtaking brazenness, brace yourself and do so.

Tumbling refrigerators are a bigger hazard  than Islamic terrorism? God Almighty but that Krauss is a filthy liar.

What, Kelvinators killed more people than died in San Bernadino, where a Muslim couple turned on workmates who had just thrown them a baby shower, gunning them down at their desks?

What, falling Frigidaires claimed more lives than a Muslim gunman methodically executing homosexuals in an Orlando nightclub?

This was a moment when Jones really should have interrupted, asked Krauss if he lies about everything, not just when reality and circumstance intrude on favoured pieties.

But of course Jones was silent. It’s a monstrously absurd and obscene self-evident untruth to claim that refrigerators are more dangerous than terrorists, but it fits with the approved narrative, so not a peep from the man who is paid by the national broadcaster to promote fair, free, frank and factual debate on matters of national importance.

This morning, mere hours after Jones’ guests pocketed their ABC taxi vouchers and repaired to hotel rooms paid for with taxpayer dollars processed through the Sydney Writers Festival, mere children were torn to pieces on the other side of the world.

Life isn’t fair and death less so. What if that blast had detonated in an Ultimo TV studio? Unlike those young girls in Manchester, their lives snuffed out before they could begin, none of the panel’s likely casualties would have represented the slightest reduction in humanity’s intelligence, decency, empathy or honesty.

Mind you, as Krauss felt his body being penetrated by the Prophet’s shrapnel of nuts, bolts and nails, those goitered eyes might in their last glimmering have caught a glimpse of vindication.

A blast of Manchester dimensions must surely knock over the studio’s lunchroom refrigerator.  Allah only knows how many innocent lives that shocking incident might claim.

manchester missing

Roger Franklin is the editor of Quadrant Online

2 thoughts on “Who wants to blow up Tony Jones Q&A?”

  1. I can sympathise with Roger’s response. I can’t watch TV anymore. It’s been a most effective aversion therapy. I don’t remember ever watching Q & A but I was already sick of the talking heads trotted out at every possible occasion to pass inane comments on situations they knew nothing about. The ABC has been a mouthpiece for Muslim propaganda and every illiberal leftist cause for years. There was once some balance but like every government institution, the left has infiltrated and taken over. Our current media people are products of an education system that Lenin would be proud of. Any intelligent and thoughtful comment is dismissed as some kind of phobia. Any idiotic and insensitive remark from a lefty is accepted as if it was handed down from Mount Sinai. We can expect no better. Shut the ABC and put the money back into consolidated revenue. Or sell it to Al Jazeera. The ABC may as well be Muslim controlled. It could not be any worse than it is now.

  2. Yes. Same old same old talking heads posing as experts telling the same lies as they did after all the recent atrocities. Turn off the TV.

    Muslims said years ago that Sharia would rule Britannia and it does. The whole apparatus of state and media speaks no ill of Islam so abides by Sharia. Sharia forbids females above age 5 or 6 being out alone in public especially dressed the way pop princesses and their fans do so the jihadist was enforcing Sharia by targeting the transgressors just as the Saudis forces unveiled school girls back to their deaths in the burning school.

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