8 thoughts on “All hot & bothered over “the perfect man””

  1. The billboard is actually wrong, it was way higher than 600 Jews and it was over 2-3 days. Closer to 900 in total.

    1. Also – mo/allah betrothed himself to Aisha at age 6 – and married her at age 9 when he was 53 (or 56?).

  2. The billboard has no reference to Islam, Muslims, Koran or anything yet Muslims correctly pinned it as referring to Mohammad. So the bottom line was right on the money.

    Re above ^^^
    Even if correct the “900 over 2-3 days” does not rule out that perhaps 600 were given the chop on one day and the other 300 over the other days.

  3. Notice how they didn’t try to dispute the content? No argument against, just claims of hurt feelings, bigotry and hatred.

    Pretty poor form of defence.

    1. Notice how the reporting twats in the video babbled about offended Muslims, how they suffered from lies and misunderstanding etc.? Instead of questioning the Islamic belief system is it automatically assumed that the billboard offends; that all statements are lies and that Muslims are not to be offended no matter what. Therein lies the rub.

  4. The “Perfect Sign”! Muslims picked it immediately. We need the same sign on every major freeway, especially near airports. It says, “Islam, you are exposed for what you are”. Islam hides behind the veil of lies and deceit. The last thing Muslims want is the truth to be told.

  5. Upset during the holy month of Runyadown. Oh didums . Don’t like facts being aired in Runyadown . Stiff ! Damn shame this billboard isn’t going international . It would be the best thing to happen to Islam in years .

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