Astounding that political leaders do not understand the desire of Muslims to live under Islamic law …


Former Labor minister Gary Johns doesn’t care much for the “terrorism is nothing to do with Islam” crowd.

He prefers to consider the facts:

The biggest threat from Islam is not to life and limb but to liberty. There is any number of particularities of Islam that makes it so: religiosity, and the extraordinary attachment to the Koran as a guide to life; associated illiberal attitudes to apostasy and blasphemy; paranoia about the West and especially Jews; and the mistreatment of women.

A poll last year for Policy Exchange in the UK revealed that British Muslims are a more religiously devout subset of the British population. Seventy-one per cent identify with their mosque and see it as representing their views. There are high levels of support for gender segregation in education as well as traditional religious clothing in schools. Neither trend is apparent in the remainder of Britain, outside heavily Muslim districts.

Forty-three per cent support the introduction of aspects of sharia into Britain. Only 22 per cent oppose it. Which aspects of sharia were not made explicit, although mention was made of laws of marriage and divorce. When asked who was responsible for the 9/11 attack on New York, 31 per cent of Muslim respondents said the US government was behind it. More people said “the Jews” were responsible (7 per cent) than said al-Qa’ida or some other analogous group (4 per cent).

It is astounding that political leaders do not understand the desire of many Muslims to live under Islamic law …

Islam is a problem.

Yes. Yes, it is.

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  1. Never let the facts and the truth steer you away from your blindly held opinions. “Radicalised” just mean those who take the Koran at face value. I wonder what proportion of Muslims in Australia are Sunni? Even if Mr Lewis is correct, we have that many potential mass murderers in out midst. What are we doing about it? If the Monis case is anything to go by, not nearly enough.

  2. ASIO boss Duncan Lewis …
    It’s islam and its islams buddy !!!

    Do we really have to get rid of you AND your ilk …
    To get rid of the islams of isalm !!!

    islams (“allah’s” vile purtid malevolent deceiving vermin)
    isalm (“allah’s” curse)

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