“Full breasted women of equal age” await you in Muhammad’s heavenly bordello…

Islam and Sex (in Paradise) – the ultimate bribe in a game of oppression and fantasy. Islam = “submit” your whole life in order to spend eternity in an orgy of sexual delights:

1. Most of those that enter Paradise .. are men
2. Allah described for us the women in Paradise .. “full breasted” – so you will know what awaits you there!
3. Think how terrible it is for a man to lose all this.. for some temporary minute of lust.

2 thoughts on ““Full breasted women of equal age” await you in Muhammad’s heavenly bordello…”

  1. Shows you the level of the Islamic intellect if they believe this crap. Even if there is 70 Virgins waiting for each of Allah’s buffoons, no doubt they would be butt ugly with tits dragging around their knees and I would be very surprised if they were virgins as there just wouldn’t be enough to go around at their current rate, hence why the camel and donkeys are worried.

    1. Houris are not wimmin and ya only get two. They are specially created, 90 feet tall and they never excrete. What happens when they get full? And, yes, they grow new hymens. Muslims love cherry popping!

      The 70 are not houris nor virgins. They are Jews or Christians taken from the fire for yer sexual exploitation. And 70 is the maximum, not the minimum.

      The dwellers of Jannah will be 90′ tall and they will have perpetual erections…. never need viagra. Spend half the day popping cherries, the rest drinking and eating. Jannah is an orgy.

      Hair pie with cherries in the sky after you die… who’d be stupid ’nuff to fall for that? Bedouins!

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