2 thoughts on “How to smell like Muhammad”

  1. muhammad aka “allah” aka “the god” !!!
    (the three components of islam submitters adoration)
    and muslims claim Monotheism !!!

    Note: muhammad was a white short fat ugly dwarf …
    (and a host to each of the moral perversions) …
    not “allah” or “the god” !!!

    muhammads followers were/are called …
    • muhammads (idolisors of a white short fat ugly dwarf) … aka
    • islams (the “conditioned” conditional adorers of muhammad) … aka
    • moslems (“one who is evil and unjust“) …
    because moslems emulate their “perfect man” !!!)

    Submitters to muhammad …
    however DEMAND to be called muslims !!!
    “one who gives himself to god”
    (muhammad’s EVIL submitters DEMAND to be called muslims … !!!)
    or we will keel you … but only while we are having perpetual hissy fit !!!

  2. But wait, there’z more! Ash-Shifa can be found in the internet archive. Within its’ pages you will make great discoveries.

    Moe kept a wodden bowl under his bed and would whizz. A slave girl drank it, he told her that she would never get a gutache after that.

    Moe was cupped. A companion drank the blood. Moe said that he would never taste the fire.

    There is a report that the earth swallowed up his excrement and emitted a pleasant fragrance.

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