More Mosques, More Demands, More Grievances & More Taqiyya

Integration over Segregation

A key policy of our party is to end divisive multiculturalism and instead follow our road map to an integrated, multi-ethnic Australia.

This is why ideas such as this Islamic ghetto in Brisbane fly in the face of everything we stand for. Those behind such divisive developments need to rethink their reasons why they are still in Australia. If they want to live in an Islamic ghetto, without being confronted by normal Australians or tempted by Western culture, it is better they relocate to an Islamic country.

We must firmly oppose this insidious form of apartheid and stand against the balkanisation of Australia.

Make a stand by spreading the word. Join local community groups and support ALA for effective political solutions. Contact the ALA office if you like to have flyers send for a local letterbox drop.

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Brisbane locals slam Islamic hub as ‘Muslim enclave’

Plans for an Islamic ‘mega project’ in Brisbane featuring a mosque, apartments and a childcare centre have been condemned by the community who slammed it as a ‘Muslim enclave’.

No more nice guy: Mark Latham

Islamic Council of Victoria questions whether Brighton attack was terrorism.

Of Course they do.
This is the same islamic Council of Victoria that our esteemed village Wally used to be president of.
ICV get much of the millions the governemt shells out for ‘deradicalisation programs’. Whatever that means.
This is our tax money being squandered by fools we have elected.
The same fools want to bring more of the problem to these shores.

  • Islamic Council of Victoria has questioned if the Brighton attack was terrorism
  • They said Yacqub Khayre was ‘confused’ and warned against inflaming tensions
  • Revealed up to 22 Victorians a year are undergoing anti-radicalisation programs
  • The state’s peak Muslim body is currently running the program with the youths

No mosque, no imam and no Islamic council anywhere in the world has ever “deradicalised” the believers. Neither will they.

Shut the gate to halt local jihadists
AND still they won’t shut the gate. Still our politicians and security bosses pretend we can keep importing refugees without anyone getting hurt.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU

Hate crime, hate crime:

Quran verses wrapped in bacon sent to Limerick mosque

… The mosque in question also received several “very offensive items” sent in the post, including images of the Prophet Mohammad, with a bomb in his turban. …

Two arrested over shocking video of Koran burning

Who made sharia the law of the land? Who is the victim in this ‘crime?’

A man from Worcestershire was arrested on suspicion of posting videos likely to cause racial hatred and a woman from Evesham was arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, police said.

4 thoughts on “More Mosques, More Demands, More Grievances & More Taqiyya”

  1. Australian-based islams …
    Resettle to a islamic majority country !!!

    islam-aider or
    islam-abetter or
    islam-appeaser or
    islam-apologist (“allah’s” slave) …
    aka our politicians – our “authorities” – our “bureaucrats” and those suicidal self-hating “leftoid mind controlled drones

    islam (“allah’s” accursed mind plague … dead fatal)
    islams (“allah’s” vile putrid malevolent deceitful vicious vermin … murderous criminals every male every female and every child and also beware of the babies)
    qur’an (“allah’s” working crime manual)
    mosque (“allah’s” extreme crime school)

    avoid every islam everywhere and anywhere
    they want to and will forcibly
    1. Convert you … or
    2. Subjugate you … or
    3. Rape you – Pillage your possessions – AND THEN Murder you
    but only if you are a non-islam or
    the Wrong-Type of islam !!!

  2. I wish ALA would dump there multi-ethnic policy, it’s just more identity politics – now separating people by ethnicity, which is silly because by definition ethnicity includes culture and yet they are against Multiculturalism. Prefixing multiethnic with ‘integrated’ is a fantasy of social engineering that will never work. Let’s stop with redefining our nation based off other people’s identities and focus on being Australians first – regardless of race colour or creed.

    1. Looking through the ALA policy, it says all the right things – it’s the phrase ‘multi-ethnic’ which sends the wrong message.

  3. Let’s inflame tensions, please. Let’s make it so tense that no Muslim wants to live here. I admire the ALA and multiculturalism is a fact of life, thanks to Mr Whitlam and co. No one I know asked for us to become multicultural, it was foisted on us. It’s always been there to a degree, There were Greek, Italian and English suburbs. Then came Vietnamese. It is normal. But to promote it is wrong. It needs no help! Islam is in a category of its own. It’s as useful as other introduced pests like the rabbit and cane toad. The insanity is that governments treat Islam as some kind of protected species, instead of the menace that it is.

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