Islamic terrorists are not Islamic terrorists because they arrived here pretending to be refugees. They are Islamic terrorists because of Islam.

We got to get far left tosspots like Duncan Lewis out of positions of influence.

ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis kicked things off with a preposterous and easily-refuted claim: “I have abso­lutely no evidence to suggest there is a connection between refugees and terrorism.”

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ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis kicked things off with a preposterous and easily-refuted claim: “I have abso­lutely no evidence to suggest there is a connection between refugees and terrorism.”

Numerous commentators then presented case after case of refugees who had committed acts of terrorism.

ASIO boss Lewis responded with an argument quickly demolished by Chris Kenny:

After being called out on his statement, Mr Lewis initially chose silence but this morning took to the friendly space of Radio National to try to explain himself. “There are without question — and I don’t resile from that — there are members of the former refugee or the sons and daughters of refugees who are in the group that have resorted to radicalisation,” he said, in a concession to the bleeding obvious.

“But I think it is very wrong to say that it is because of their refugee status,” he went on, arguing with a point that as far as I am aware no one has made. Certainly no sane person would make such a claim — that terrorists are radicalised because they are refugees — but this somehow is the clarification the ASIO chief has decided to make.

You may have thought the whole issue had reached critical idiot mass when the ABC’s Jonathan Green wrote that Lewis was “attempting to lead a nuanced conversation”, but even Green would not have dared take the next step. Just observe as Waleed Aly sets new global records for obfuscation and semantic evasion:

Terror plots hatched by migrants on refugee visas

Eight terror incidents committed by jihadis in Australia on humanitarian visas

Mohammad Ali Baryalei travelled from Sydney to Syria in April 2013 to fight for Jabhat al-Nusra Front before joining Islamic State.

AUSTRALIA’S most high-profile terror incidents were committed by jihadis who had entered the country on humanitarian visas – a fact that was behind the Government’s tough new citizenship laws.

As ASIO chief Duncan Lewis defended denying a link between refugees and terrorists, The Daily Telegraph can reveal a worrying pattern where at least eight terror plots were hatched by migrants on humanitarian or refugee visas.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute executive director Peter Jennings said, while he understood why Mr Lewis had sought to have a balanced discussion, a significant number of jihadis were not born in Australia.

Abdul Naser Benbrika
Farhad Jabar, 15, killed police worker Curtis Cheng.

“We have to take seriously the fact that people who have been refugees or the children or refugees have featured in terror attacks and plots in Australia,” he said.

“To pretend that this is not a live and serious issue that concerns intelligence and law enforcement authorities just doesn’t make sense.

“I know that ASIO takes that absolutely seriously, that’s their number one business these days.”

An analysis by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in June 2015 on jihadists in Australia has found out of 54 jihadis, only 23 were born in Australia.

Mr Jennings said the trend is for extremists to now radicalize younger and a large number are Australian born of migrant parents.

Jabar shot dead police worker Curtis Cheng before firing on police at Parramatta. Picture: Seven News

The teenager who killed Sydney police civilian Curtis Cheng, Farhad Jabar, was of Iraqi Kurdish heritage and came to Australia through Iran on the refugee program in 2006.

Abu Omar, real name Mohammed Ali Baryalei, travelled from Sydney to Syria in April 2013 to fight for Jabhat al-Nusra before joining Islamic State, had come to Australia from Afghanistan as a refugee with his family around 1988.

Melbourne teenager Numan Haider, who stabbed two police officers in 2014, had also come to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan with his family a decade earlier.

Lindt Siege Cafe terrorist Man Haron Monis arrived in Australia from Iran on a one-month business visa in 1996 but was granted asylum.

Lindt siege gunman Man Haron Monis.

One of the three men convicted of a terror plot on Sydney’s Holsworthy army barracks, Saney Aweys, arrived in Australia from Somalia when he was 15 on a refugee and humanitarian visa.

Mohammed Kiad, who was charged with plotting to execute a terrorist attack in Sydney on 10th February 2015 using a knife and a machete, alongside Omar al-Kutobi, was born in Kuwait and was in Australia on a family and spousal visa – he was not an Australian citizen.

Terror cell leader Abdul Naser Benbrika, known as Sheik Abu Bakr, arrived in Australia from Algeria in 1989 on a visitor’s visa with a friend who had also come from Algeria.

Australia’s most senior man in Al Qaeda, Abu Sulayman, was from Egypt and then was given Australian citizenship, arriving here with his family as a baby.

New ISIS Recruitment Video Aimed At Western Muslims

The Daily Telegraph understands the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Attorney-General George Brandis were understood to have encouraged the ASIO boss to clarify his comments.

In Estimates Last week, Mr Lewis said: “I have absolutely no evidence to suggest there’s a connection bewteen refugees and terorrism.”

Yesterday, in an ABC interview, he clarified his position: “The facts are the refugee program is not the source of terrorism in Australia. The source is radical Sunni Islam.”

AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin said there were clear instances first generation Australians were being radicalised more than others.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s new citizenship test was designed partly to crackdown on extremists who arrive on humanitarian or business visas and are granted citizenship.


  1. I blame the education system and the English language. English is difficult to master. “Terrorism” actually means a cry for help from the badly treated and disadvantaged from an anonymous background. “Holy War” is the promotion of peaceful dialogue between people of different religious beliefs. “Kill infidels” means to engage in constructive conversation so as to better understand each other’s point of view. And “Duncan Lewis” means a bureaucrat who really understands the threats facing the nation at this time.

  2. Criminal hypocrites will never make sense because to them, their feelings always trump the facts!

    And they always feel that the best solution is to instantly become a part of the problem!

    The chosen “belief” of all hypocritical criminals (both muslims and liberals included) is that their subjective feelings (of slanderous paranoia, that they are always the victims, and everyone else is always an oppressor out to get them) trump the real objective facts, (that their psychopathic choice of “belief” in their own idolatrous victimology self-image extortion syndrome, actually defines them selves as the predatory criminal aggressors, and those they slander with their paranoia, as their innocent victims) every time!

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