Sam the Sham

As Aussie as it gets for Sam Dastyari

Thanks to Michael Smith News

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Islam is about as Aussie as the plague or the Ebola virus. Here’s the corrupt little twerp hanging out with hardcore headbangers in Lakemba praising themselves about how “Aussie” they are:


But of course its not about being “Aussie”. These creeps want and work towards an Islamic Australia. Reminds me of Tariq Ramadan, when he says “integration is done, we are here, here to stay. Nothing you can do about it, kafir….”

2 thoughts on “Sam the Sham”

  1. Dastryari was born in Shia Iran. He calls himself a “non practising Muslim”. From his passion supporting in halal, in defending islam and turning up at the Mosques, I believe he remains a Shia Muslim. He is a takyyta exponent.

    Interestingly at Lakemba Mosque, Shias are not welcome.

    1. His family came after the Islamic revolution, on orders of the ayatollah Khomeini to make the world islamic.

      Yes, he is a shiite. All are taqiyya gigolos.

      Normally not welcome; but for the grand jihad against the infidel they are united. If only we were!

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